Most Xbox Live Users Support Obama

In statistics recently released by Microsoft, 53% of Xbox users who took the poll agreed that Obama would be the better candidate for the presidency.

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VampHuntD4025d ago

Guess those Burnout Ads worked!

vhero4025d ago

and this makes gaming news how?!?!?

chasuk084025d ago

Not really as the majority of xbox live are too young to vote anyway, so those ads were pointless.

FantasyStar4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Interesting results less wise. This Gamer Zone won't end well.

SL1M DADDY4025d ago

It just seems that every chance he gets to make a stab at gaming, video gaming specifically, he takes the chance. I get a feeling that he hates video games. It's just MHO.

solidsnakus4025d ago

i voted just cause of the burn out ads. nah jk.

airheadluffy4025d ago

i thought most everybody support obama. so no suprise. i just hope he'll do a good job. he better give me those tax cuts.

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dxmnecro4025d ago

What perfect timing for the placement of the voting and the results.

LiquifiedArt4025d ago

Why... Is beyond me. I guess repeating "Change" all the time influenced them like 90% of the voters. Socialism FTW!

ActionBastard4025d ago

Ignorance FTW! You know the U.S. financial system is owned by the government now, right? When it's small business, it's called socialism. When it's Wall Street, it's called a bailout.

OOG4025d ago

Snap Action Bastard just pwned you.....bubbles on that one

CrippleH4025d ago

Idiot ftw. Even a Socialist calls Obama a Capitalist on the Colbert Report and what kind of idiot believes Obama is a socialist?

One that STILL thinks Obama is a MUSLIM and TERRORIST friend.

Keep believing the Republican Lies and Slander you tool.

sumguy814025d ago

@ everyone in this thread. none of you, including action, have a clue what you are talking about. the bailout didn't give any control back to the government. oh, and government being in charge of the currency, printing of money, banks, etc....that's a GOOD thing. that's NOT what happened here though.

the private banks in europe own our currency, they print our money, and they are charging us incredible amounts of interest on the money they print for us. it's called the Federal Reserve (look it up). that's why our money says federal reserve note. it has no real world value other than what the private banks give it.

the bailout didn't solve any problems and it didn't give the american people more power over their economy. and when we want that money back, the banks will just say "sorry, you owe us trillions anyway, we'll just keep it."

it's no longer funny reading people be completely ignorant about government. we're at a very critical time and the only people that can do anything about it, don't know ANYTHING.

VOTE 3RD PARTY!!! we don't have to be a 2 party system. and to the small minded, redneck idiots that will say voting 3rd party is throwing your vote away. yeah, if only you do it. but if more and more ppl do it each election, then the other 2 parties will be forced to go through major reform to compete and we might actually start to see policies that are meant to cater to the people instead of ones that cater to the corporations. oh...and by the way. when corporations infiltrate the government so they can bend it to serve their own agendas (which is exactly what we have in this country), that's not Socialism...that's Fascism.

MiloGarret4025d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a political scientist, a good one, and I find calling Obama a socialist is an insult to 5 years of education and sleepless nights spent writing papers. It's so ignorant it hurts, it may come as a complete surprise to you but Obama is actually part of what is generally percieved as the RIGHT wing of politics in the academic sphere, McCain and the republican party constitute the extreme right. The difference between Liberals (Democrats) and Neo-Liberals is quite small and they are both part of the RIGHT. There are NO significant left-wing politicians in US politics, and yes, I know the term left-wing is relative and subjective to the case at hand, but I'm talking from an academic (read: more closer to truth) perspective.

You really should read a book every now and then, and inform yourself of how politics look in other countries apart from the US, maybe then you'd realize how "right" Obama is, it's in your best interest.

Xbox is the BEST4025d ago

your right. Milo the Government can't do everything for you.

MiloGarret4025d ago

Disagreers, please enlighten me with your wisdom, why exactly are you disagreeing?

And Xbox is the best: ...??? What? If that was a response to my comment it makes no sense, at all.

Xbox is the BEST4024d ago

"You really should read a book every now and then, and inform You really should read a book every now and then, and inform yourself of how politics look in other countries apart from the US, maybe then you'd realize how "right" Obama is, it's in your best interest."

See what you posted???? "Other countries" well this is America and not some other country. How is Obama right for everyone??? If someone is successful why should they pay more taxes??? But most Europeans have a socialist mentally that Government can take care of you. American Government the first Government made were the people told Government what to do, however today it is the opposite.

MiloGarret4024d ago

Honestly, how stupid are you, I said right, as in the RIGHT WING of politics moron. Seriously though, read a book, your ignorance is unsulting.

Xbox is the BEST4024d ago

Your European with your views on how government should work. You have no idea about the government that the Founding Farthers created, you see America has wandered away from it. Let me spell it out for you, LIMITED GOVERNMENT. And don't PM me again.

MiloGarret4024d ago

I just sent you two PM's, you're obviously a kid trying to come of as smart, but you're failing miserably. Believe me, I know a lot more about your government than you do. A lot. My work requires me to.

Xbox is the BEST4024d ago

ha ha ha PM me calling me names then blocking me. Let me spell it oiut for you again. LIMITED GOVERNMENT. So while you were at Duke learning about American Government did they educate you that there is no law that requires you to pay a Federal Income Tax???? Yeah you know what they tell you. Once again the key word is Limited Government. Do people in Europe even know what the term Limited Government means? Funny how you have the nerve to call me names when your a sheep to the system.

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Fishy Fingers4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Wonder what percentage of them are even old enough to vote.

dxmnecro4025d ago

That's a really good point Fishy Fingers.

I wonder if the polls would have been different for PSN users too.

joydestroy4025d ago

i'm old enough and i support him. i might not vote though. depends on the lines. he's gonna win anyway.

Captain Tuttle4025d ago

McCain could thread the needle.

power of Green 4025d ago

Much of the youth on XBL are rabid amoung other things that seem to be not in Obama's favor. Just to add to the flaws in picking this poll apart. Assuming underage youth will bother.

QUNE4025d ago

Your comment is the exact reason why I DO exercise my right to vote. Hopefully there are more people out there with your belief.

VampHuntD4025d ago

After the election tonight, should Obama not win, I'm going to ask you if you voted. If you didn't, I will blame you for failing the country, label you a terrorist, convince others of the same (which will be easy since the government will be run be TerrorHunt Happy McCain and Palin) and have you sent to a "off shore prison" to never be heard from again.

That being said, get out and vote. If otehrs share that mentality and you all stay home, he will lose. He can STILL lose right now, get in your vote and at least it won't be on you.

moe844025d ago

If you don't vote, don't complain about who is put in, and what they may or may not do once they are in. Your opinion means absolutely nothing. This goes for anyone who can vote, but won't for whatever reason.

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