Persona 5, Days Gone, and The Last Of Us: The best PlayStation 4 exclusives

Where does Atlus’ Persona 5, Bend Studio’s Days Gone, and The Last Of Us rank amongst the PlayStation 4's best AAA exclusives?

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TomatoDragon29d ago

Persona 5 and The Last of Us aren’t PS4 exclusives.

TomatoDragon29d ago

Bit of a stretch there isn’t it?

rob-GP29d ago

True, it should have just said PlayStation exclusives. They seem to forget the PS3 exists.

HeisenbergX29d ago

True that .. and what should we pretend that UC4 , Bloodborne and GOW don't exist -.-

TomatoDragon29d ago

Definitely Bloodborne and GoW. UC4 was good, but I’d probably go with something else.

TomatoDragon29d ago

Man, you PlayStation fanboys are something else. Reality deniers downvoting.

Hardiman28d ago

I mean yeah it debuted on PS3 but not sure it's to deny reality when there is literally a PS4 REMASTERED version of the game that even comes in a case with PS4 on it.

Seems like someone just wants to be grumpy for the sake of being grumpy!

TomatoDragon28d ago

Not sure how I'm being grumpy when I'm just correcting an article pushing false information. 2 of the 3 games listed aren't ps4 exclusives, but, continue denying reality, fanboy.

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DreadGara29d ago

Persona 5 isn't PlayStation exclusive no more.

Battlestar2329d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Looking forward to playing the game on my Xbox One X in Native 4K and 60FPS.

Flynn_Ryder_89729d ago

Persona 5 is still a PS3/PS4 title, and Persona 5 The Royal is a PS4 exclusive. Persona 5 Scramble, however, is a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 game.

LegoIsAwesome29d ago

Still hoping for P5S to be Persona 5 Switch base from those rumors before the announcement?

rob-GP29d ago

Erm, yeah it is. Scramble is a completely different game by Omega Force. That's like saying Mario Kart isn't a Nintendo exclusive because there's a mobile game coming and there's a version in Japanese arcades - totally different games.

bluefox75529d ago

Oh? I guess I missed the news.

TomatoDragon29d ago

What other platform is it on besides a PlayStation machine?

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TekoIie29d ago

So the title sets up that these three games are the best, but if i'm following the ordering correctly, he actually ranks Day's Gone as the worst of those games? Which I'd actually agree with because Day's Gone definitely isn't better than God of War or Bloodborne.

Chriswynnetbh29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Persona 5, but you can't mention best PS4 exclusives without mentioning Bloodborne. Best game of the generation hands down.

Teflon0229d ago

The way you started that had me hovering the dislike. But you know, if something I'd getting that crown bloodborne is one I'd say definitely deserves it. It's definitely amazing

ClayRules201229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I haven’t played Bloodborne, but I hear many mention it as their favorite game/best game of this generation. I might give it a try. God of War is the best game of the generation to me.

Chriswynnetbh29d ago

Games like BB don't come around often. It's got that deep abstract lore you can get immersed in and there are so many different weapons and ways to build characters that you could play it ten times over and it would be different every time. It's not one you want to miss.

ClayRules201229d ago

That sounds very intriguing. Thanks for sharing that, Chris.

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