Going Home No Time Soon

Loot Ninja writes,

"It was on March 7, 2007 that Sony teased us with news of the upcoming release of a new social network that would, at no cost, give PlayStation 3 owners the gift of a customizable virtual world – PlayStation Home. The idea alone was enough to shake the knees of the most avid gamer; a world where console gamers wouldn't have to rely on text messages or voice chat any longer; where we are able to freely explore and converse with people that share our same passion and playing games like pool and chess and pimping out our homes and characters to raise our egos a bit higher. It was right then and there where the social network of console gaming changed forever."

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drunkpandas4034d ago

I totally agree. The hype has completely died down because of the multiple delays. Even the early beta wasnt all the great. The new game rooms they've added are pretty cool, though.

TheTwelve4034d ago

Sad, but true. Sony needs to think of something to make this thing hot again. At one time, it was Little Big Planet hot, but now...


joydestroy4034d ago

yup, right there with you guys. i just don't pay it any attention anymore. i pretend like it was never announced and just keep gaming on.

drunkpandas4034d ago

I wonder how the Xbots feel about the delays of Home?

Pennywise4034d ago

Do you really care what they think?

RAF-TECH4034d ago

yes.. the hype died...

what's more embarassing is that NXE is comming out before the long announced Home.
lol. keep waiting & keep crying...

InMyOpinion4034d ago

Nothing out of the ordinary. Microsoft delivers while Sony promises and delays. Been like this since 2006.

Tmac4034d ago

Lol microsoft promises? Jenzo, oh boy, your like the retarded goat that farm hands kick over for fun.

GiantEnemyLobster4034d ago

Nah, PatchStation is still a better name.

InMyOpinion4034d ago

I'm not the one still waiting for stuff that was announced at E3 2005.

Tmac4034d ago

Who says I'm waiting :S lol, theres tons of games to occupy my time till it arrives, frankly I don't care if it ever does.

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Bren864034d ago

The hype has died down to me. I still want it but...I've got used to waiting for it.

It will prob only have half of the features sony shown us at launch anyways.

Wizeguy214034d ago

Am I missing something??? Didn't Sony say home would be released Day of or prior to NXE? WTF? I mean HOME is already available for CORE Annual Members. This guy totally jumped the gun!!

iiprotocolii4034d ago

Yes. Sony did in fact say that Home would be released prior to NXE. They said it in 2007, twice, at the game developer's conference and at Tokyo Game Show (which were delayed) and again this past spring.

drunkpandas4034d ago

Actually, it's not available yet for Qore annual subscribers. It will be released this Thursday when the next episode of Qore is made available

waltercross4034d ago

Why is it only available towards Quore subscribers?, I thought
Home was free?, now they are charging for Home beta?, because
if I'm not mistaken, Quore is a paid subscription.

Honestly I'm not even Interested in Home anymore, It falls
under the same category as Alan Awake.

INehalemEXI4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Qore subscribers just get some Beta's and Demo's first otherwise Qore would be lame. However ive never got an email for socom , or r2 Qore betas even though I subscribed day 1 and thats lame so im thinking they will not send me a home beta email either.

Usually they get stuff a week or 2 earlier then non qore subscribing PSN Users. As I said before though there are qore annual subscribers such as myself who have never got jack when things don't go directly through qore.

Its a long wait for an email that never come. In my case.

Saigon4034d ago

actually sony never said promised the dates of Fall 2007 and then they delayed it till Summer 2008...they did not come out witht the environment but they did expand the amount of users that were using it...they also did the same at sony in fact has released home but closed the environment to make sure it is up to par...think about it just recently they expanded again letting Qore subscribers in to the the end of this month into december will will see the full version of the system...think about it devs have access to the environment and from what i know things are very vibrant within the environment...the author jumped the gun on this article...

4034d ago
Megatron084034d ago

I dont think your goin to see home release before NXE or even this year. After 2 years of waiting home is goin to be a massive disappointment cause it will be getting compared to NXE. it took MS 5 months after showing NXE to release it that alone make s home look bad. With all the new feature that XBL has added in the pass 2 years even before NXE its has up the bar and NXE will raise it even higher. So while home looked like it might put xbl to shame 2 years ago this is no longer the case.

Its funny at one point sony fanboys list home as one of the ps3 upcoming AAA games.

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colonel1794034d ago

do people say that they have been waiting for Home for two years or more??!!... Nobody knew about Home until March 2007, that is ONE year and 8 months. I don´t care if it has been in development for 4 years or more, that does NOT mean you have been waiting for it since then!

I don´t understand why people say that they have lost the hype and that it has been too long to wait. Come on, LBP was announced the same day as Home, and Home will come just 2 months after LBP maximum. Did you loose hype for LBP because you had to wait one year six months?.. obviously not.

People just want everything the same day they announce it, people can´t just wait anymore, and every fanboy just want an excuse to bash the system.

Please be realistic, or build yourselves a life outside videogames so you don´t have to wait impatiently for home, or any game for that matter.

iiprotocolii4034d ago

One is that, although LBP and Home were announced on the same day, LBP wasn't constantly delayed as much, or ever, as compared to Home. That's where the problem lies. It has nothing to do that it wasn't released. It has more to do with how many times Sony has pushed it back after announcing releases without delivering. The facts are there. Home has indeed lost its hype due to constant delays.

drunkpandas4034d ago

True, protocol. Sony didn't announce a release window for LBP only to push it back multiple times, like they did with Home.


Home is a feature for the system, LBP is a game.

Just like most updates, people want they to come yesterday, it's natural, I say your gadget can do something but you won't gonna use this 'till I say so.

Also, nobody, not even Sony, have tought that make Home would be so challanging. So much that they even have figured some kind of open beta for late 2007 at some point, but it still in closed beta almost a year after.

LBP, in the other hand is a full game, that started to develop a lot more recently and that, as any other game, was already supposed to take certain time to develop. Also LBP pushed some new things into it, or at least, don't come from a already made-up formula, so it was expected that this new kid on the block would require some special attention.

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