A New Peripheral Lets You Use Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons with the PlayStation 4

If you are one of the few who want to use a Switch Controller on PS4, a small piece of Japanese hardware will allow you to do it.

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capjacksparrow40d ago

I wouldn't mind using the Switch screen a la PS Vita, but the Joy Cons sucked.

PhoenixUp40d ago

Games that require the touchpad and light bar would be an issue to play with non-DS4 controllers though

DarXyde39d ago

Good thing such games are far and few in between.

rob-GP39d ago

Literally, every single game uses the touchpad - even if it's only used as one, two or three additional buttons rather than touch operation - it's still used. There's also the six-axis motion controls which won't be supported, there's no speaker on the controller functionality and the smaller Switch controllers aren't the best in terms of comfortability.

Sgt_Slaughter39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

This would be perfect for those who want to use a Classic Controller (NES or SNES respectively) for platformers/metroidvanias like Axiom Verge, the Castlevania rereleases, Bloodstained, etc.

jznrpg39d ago

I just use the dpad on ds4

Sgt_Slaughter39d ago

Never been able to use a PlayStation D-Pad better than a Nintendo one.

Although the Dualshock has at least a better one than Xbox


I don’t even wanna use joy cons on the switch let alone ps4

jznrpg39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yeah ,no thanks . Switch Pro controller is pretty decent but I like the DS4 waaay better and I only use Joycons during handheld mode I wouldn’t want to use them unless I have too

EddieNX 38d ago

Pro controller destroys ds4.

NiQeMM37d ago

Oh really? In what world? That Pro controller is garbage and doesn't even have analog triggers..

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The story is too old to be commented.