The Sony and Disney Partnership Is Strengthening With the Recent Predator Game Announcement

MP1st Writes - While I was surprised by the State of Play announcement of a new Predator game, one thing that really didn’t occur to me till much later is that the Predator (and Alien) license is effectively now owned by Disney given the House of Mouse’s acquisition of Fox. This is a rather interesting scenario as this will be the third licensed Disney property published by Sony, and developed by a third-party studio this generation.

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Kribwalker974d ago

I personally feel like it’s only a matter of time until Disney starts poking around buying sony. They want all of the marvel licenses together for the cinematic universe, and there has been so much talk of Disney getting back into gaming. It’s definitely plausible they could look to try to buy sony up

Nitrowolf2974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Idk about buying them, Sony has a long history of being their own company and all.

I mean they have the buying power of doing it, I just don’t think Sony will. Though with a change of their headquarters now being in California this honestly is up in the air.

I don’t think a lot of fans would really want that to happen, but at the end of the day that’d be a business decision. I know I personally wouldn’t be to fond of the idea as Disney could literally strip everything away from what makes Sony Sony.

I hope PlayStation, Nintendo, and Microsoft stick around for a long time

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rainslacker973d ago

They wouldn't actually buy them. They'd acquire shares, and they'd have to acquire enough to have a controlling interest. In order to accomplish this, they'd have to convince enough of the investors, and I assume the largest ones who hold the most controlling interest to sell. Japan also has some laws that can prevent foreign companies from acquiring japanese companies without pre-approval. It's not applicable to all business, but some with a market cap over a certain amount.

Starman69973d ago

I don't really see anything magic about Microsoft xbox

deadfrag974d ago

Will never happen!Sony is a top Japanese brand worldwide that is actually a Japanese symbol to there government just by this reason i can assure you that Sony will never be brought by Disney.

KwietStorm_BLM973d ago

Welp random person on internet assures us that something will never happen, so that's the end of that.

cell989973d ago

if they bought FOX, they can buy Sony. Never say never in the world of business

KillZallthebeast973d ago

Clearly you people have 0 understanding of japanese pride

Xx_Pistol_xX973d ago

Just throwing that out there remember that PlayStation SIE is now based in America.

gangsta_red972d ago

Tecent a Chinese company bought SNK and we also have some other Chinese companies that are buying into other Japanese tech companies.

Being a Japanese symbol has little to nothing to do when it comes to $$$

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excaliburps973d ago

Not Sony, but maybe a video game brand. Imagine them buying Xbox or something. Kinda scary.

kneon973d ago

I don't think so. they could buy a pure software company like EA or Ubisoft, but I wouldn't expect them to go for any hardware related business.

gangsta_red973d ago

I can definitely see Disney picking up some major, MAJOR gaming company for sure.

They already have fox, marvel and star wars, they could definitely keep that ball rolling with a huge gaming company.

Won't be long before they personally get into the video gaming business, possibly a streaming game service like the others.

Nitrowolf2973d ago

They’re working on their own gaming division last atm, and I think with the purchase of FOX they also go their gaming studios.

I say it’s really unlikely they’ll buy any of the big three, not cause they can’t afford them but I would expect those guys not to do it. But that’s just coming from a consumer, for all we know the shareholders could dip for the cash offer

bluefox755973d ago

Of course you do. Sony has been around for over 70 years, and they're doing great, why would they sell?

Kribwalker973d ago

Fox was doing great and had been around for almost 40 years before they sold to disney. It’s not about how well a company is doing, it’s what disney wants under their umbrella. And disney wants all of their Marvel Rights, and rumours of them wanting to get back into game development, it makes sense

Nitrowolf2973d ago


I would disagree since, as a few have said Sony is pretty rooted as a Japanese company.

It be a huge shock if Disney bought them, I can see them buying their IPs back though.

Also got to remember, IIRC PlayStation is technically a separate entity now from Sony. Sony is still the company in charge, but if they were to ever sell PlayStation would have to be a separate sale also

Silly gameAr973d ago

That's not plausible, and only you could even come up with something off the wall and random like that. If Disney wants to get into gaming, they'll probably buy a company that is purely about gaming, and don't have their own thing going on the side.

blacktiger973d ago

almost impossible because Japan won't allow and even if Disney buy it, Disney may have to agree with Japan policy of owning top brand

ShadowWolf712973d ago

They won't. Sony's a tech company and they have no use for anything outside their entertainment divisions. And Sony will NOT sell PlayStation, it's one of their pillars.

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Ceaser9857361973d ago

'I personally feel like it’s only a matter of time until Disney starts poking around buying sony. They want all of the marvel licenses together for the cinematic universe, and there has been so much talk of Disney getting back into gaming. It’s definitely plausible they could look to try to buy sony up"

I find this BS .. Sony is doing very well and I don't see why would they want to sell out.. Even
Sony didn't let Spiderman Go.

Rimeskeem973d ago

Some things are priceless. I dont think money can buy PlayStation unless something drastic happens.

NarutoFox973d ago

It'll probably happen when Microsoft leaves the game industry

DarXyde973d ago

This kind of speculation informs me that you have, at best, a rudimentary understanding of corporate culture.

MajorLazer972d ago

I really hope Disney stay the hell away 🤮

CorndogBurglar972d ago

1. The only Marvel film license Sony has is Spider-Man. Marvel is already allowed to use Spidey in their MCU films through a deal they made. I'm not sure why Disney would want to spend unknown billions for that.

2. Fox was not doing very well. They didn't decide to sell their entertainment Division because they were making tons of money lol. Remember, Disney didn't just go to Fox and throw a bunch of money at them out of them blue. Fox made the announcement that they were selling and Disney made the best offer. Again, big corporate companies that are doing well and making a lot of money don't decide to sell like that.

Nacho_Z972d ago

Bless you trying to comfort yourself.

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gangsta_red973d ago

We definitely need the Predator in the MCU

Hardiman973d ago

I don't want Predator in the MCU but I do want a good Predator movie. Less The Predator and more Predator. Maybe now we can eventually get an AvP based on the comics and it'll be interesting instead of being in Antarctica.

Nitrowolf2973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

The only thing I’d want is wat they did in predator 2 and have another trophy room scene with some MCU relics in it.

It’d be a good nod, but otherwise keep them separate

Hardiman973d ago

@Nitro I like how you're thinking! That would be a cool Easter egg but like you stated that's it, keep them separate.

I'd like to see Kindred, Big Game or Race War turned into films. Those are just three and there are so many more interesting stories that features the Yautja.

gangsta_red972d ago

Yeah, I was kidding about the MCU. But after watching The Predator that is exactly how the movie felt.

I actually liked Robert Rodriguez's Predators. I just don't understand this obsession with having Predators fight each other with these last couple of movied.

Hardiman972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

@Gansta I figured your tongue was in your cheek but Robert's Predators was pretty incredible! My favorite after the original and tied with part 2 for me and Im a huge Predator mark. Predator was my first theater experience at 7 lol.

Predators was soooo much better than The Predator and I'm hopeful we can eventually get this series which is ripe with stories and lore back on track but some reason Fox couldn't seem to get it together.

We went to the theater to see The Predator and I was okay throughout most of it, even looked at my wife and smiled with excitement once but as soon as it was revealed the Predators took spines for our DNA I checked out. It only went down from there.

Your right about the feeling of it because Fox wanted a summer blockbuster but Predator isn't summer blockbuster, it's Sci Fi horror with action.

quent973d ago

Would have loved a alien isolation like spin on this in a jungle

Nitrowolf2973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

I’d love another AvP game. Both the classic and the new one were pretty fun multiplayer wise. The movies not so much, but at least the games were fun

I do hope Isloation gets the sequel it deserves

Hardiman973d ago

Isolation is incredible and I too would love to see it get a quality sequel!

chiefJohn117973d ago

I loved AVP. Never played isolation tho.

Thundercat77973d ago

After the huge success of Spider-Man, Disney will surely trust Sony with more licences.

ClayRules2012973d ago

For sure!

And that gets me so excited to see what they’ll be able to do next with other licenses.

rainslacker973d ago

I'm OK with that so long as they don't dilute the appeal by doing too much. The Iron Man VR game is kind of interesting though. Not really the Iron Man game people were saying they wanted, but hopefully it will maybe be worthwhile.

kevinsheeks973d ago

it would be nice if sony had the rights to star wars video games . . not for console exclusives but gosh I just want one good star wars game before I die and I don't feel like EA is the one to bring us a decent starwars game

Darkborn973d ago

I feel you, I also think ubisoft would be a decent choice, or at least a better choice of the big 3 publishers.

Kaze24973d ago

Give the rights of star wars to sony? Hell no! There's plenty of other great companies that could make a star wars game without EA involvement, I would prefer if they went with someone else like Ubisoft as Darkborn said, I really liked AC: Odyssey, CD Projekt Red even tho they're currently busy, Capcom or even Bethesda.