Fallout 3 Trophy Support Confirmed For PS3

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bethesda's Pete Hines, after being asked whether or not Fallout 3 will be receiving trophy support, responded with the following: "It's going to happen, just not sure when. We'll let folks know when we have something more definitive." This is good news for all you PS3 gamers out there.

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White-Sharingan4027d ago

Whoot! I was waiting for this

now I need a patch and Ill buy fallout 3 for PS3

Elimin84027d ago

But why are these games being released without trophies only to be patched later... I mean they are welcome but damn....

LightningPS3PS34027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I passed on Fallout 3.

No way I will spend 30 plus hours walking around in this slow paced world with boring characters.

It's not like Final Fantasy where they try to make you fall in love with a soap opera of emo characters. That's more up my alley.

Games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 bore me.

Charmers4027d ago

@ Elimin8 - because by the time Sony got around to releasing the trophy update fallout 3 was probably at an advanced stage of completion. They of course could have delayed the PS3 version to incorporate Trophies but that would have led to much whining and complaining.

So this is the best solution give you the game now and then do a patch later for trophy support. This will of course eventually go away since Sony make it a requirement that all games from NOW must have Trophy support. But it is unfair and unrealistic to expect developers with near finished games to implement the trophy support right off the bat.

So if you want to blame anyone for this then have a go at Sony for introducing the trophies nearly 2 years AFTER they released the console.

KingME4027d ago

Why is it that trophy support still has to be announced. Why is sony still allowing developers to decide. This should be mandatory.

Lifendz4027d ago

I'll play R2 and LBP in the meanwhile. Then, when the patch is up for both trophies and the glitches, I can probably get the game used off Ebay for a fraction of the cost. Bethesda loses out on the full price retail purchase and somebody that is tired of Fallout gets my money. Win Win.

That's what happens until Devs have trophies on day one.

Elimin84027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Thank you for explaining, and while your point makes a lot of sense I can't help but think they should release day one... think about it... why if that is the case, when trophy patches come one week or less, maybe a day or two after the game has been release. don't you think holding it bk one day to implement trophy would be better? .. what do you think... I'm pretty sure LBP and R2 have been in development a while they had it done.... but I do understand your point....

Charmers4027d ago

It is just a short term thing, I believe if memory serves Sony is making all future games (games that started production 6 months after the Trophy firmware) mandatory in terms of Trophies. So sooner rather than later the games will come with trophy support by default just like xbox 360 games.

At the end of the day it was done this way because of the way Sony implemented the trophies, had they been ready when the console was released you wouldn't be having this problem. But I don't think it is a "big" deal the problem will go away you just have to be a bit patient and ignore those that use this as a way of scoring points in the pathetic console wars.

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I Got 99 Problems Bu4027d ago

Yeh I should get this game for Ps3

Socom4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

There was once this stupid company who made a terrible terrible decision by supporting the 3rd60. By doing so, it decided to not invest in the PS3 version as much as the 3rd60 version. And the result was that their next project, a game called Fallout 3, on the PS3 was the weaker version of the two.

They knew that people would explode in forums over this. But they thought this would be offset by the fact that the 3rd60 version is going to rake in the money. In other words, they trusted the 3rd60.

Then 3 weeks before release, the thing they did not foresee happened: FALLOUT 3 3rd60 version LEAKED on the internet.

So the stupid company got exactly what was coming to them for supporting the 3rd60. On the one hand, their 3rd60 copies sales diminished by the expected sales with 20% less, and on the other hand, consumers were at an outcry for an "rushed out" PS3 version. Leaked income from one hand, leaked income in the other hand. Either way, this stupid company loses. Its like in a casino, place the wrong bet, and you lose. The house always wins.

I tell you right now, heads were rolling in the last weeks, people were yelling in a small office and people were blamed. Big boss was angry, employees were put on their place.

What this article is, is called "damage control". The stupid company has been put in their place and they are trying to appease the PS3 crowd now. They have seen how betting on the wrong horse, has gotten them in trouble.

Thats why they reversed their decision to not include trophies. Yes, this was a last minute decision. And this is because they are desperate in appeasing the PS3 userbase now.

Either way, PS3 wins once again, the house always wins.

Mr_Bun4027d ago

I'll pick this up if and when trophies are released...I picked up Bioshock over Fallout just because of the trophies.

thisguywithhair4027d ago

When the patch comes out will I have to restart my game

Bren864027d ago

isn't this like a big game? good luck to thoughs that start it all again for the trophies.

Fishy Fingers4027d ago

Depends, if your save game is locked into your PSN ID they can be made retro active.

bunbun7774027d ago

How good sir does one go about doing this? Is there a link i can educate myself with? Thx!

R2-JD4027d ago


bunbun777 - I don't believe you can do it yourself. I think it is up to the developers whether or not the game save is locked to your PSN ID (this way you can't copy game saves)


Bazookajoe_834027d ago

There are several endings and hundreds of diffrent missions, and some missions get locked if you play good and some if you play bad. It´s a really good game, and probably the goriest i ever played :-)

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Darkseider4027d ago

Now if the trophy patch also included fixes for the umpteen bugs, freezes and gotchas I would even happier. Lets hope the bug fix patch comes sooner than the trophy patch though. I am lovin the game but the frequent saves/crashes/freezes/reboots are driving me insane. Ooh and before people start saying anything I have it for my PC as well and it CTDs like CRAZY in fullscreen and not as much in windowed mode. Also has a lot of the same glitches the console versions have as well.

R2-JD4027d ago

I hope the patch will fix the stupid assinine freezing that occurs everytime the XMB notification message pops up. This is the ONLY game on the PS3(that I have played) that has this issue!


Motion4027d ago

I think that FarCry 2 also freezes up for a second when you get notifications. It does atleast when I get messages that my internet connection has dropped/connected.

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