Here are 13 Minutes of New Call of Duty: Mobile Gameplay

Gaminrealm: If you were ever hoping for the same tactical-bloodbath that the Call of Duty brings on home consoles, to your fingertips – BEHOLD! Call of Duty: Mobile was revealed earlier this year with the intent to create a fast-paced gunslinging experience on the go.

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Neonridr609d ago

touch screen aiming.. yuck

YourSixStudios_YT609d ago

At least the loot boxes will be easy to click on...

porkChop609d ago

A game like this really needs gamepad support.

NiQeMM606d ago

Hopefully it is included.

meep316609d ago

Why even post this here lol.

HeyNowChillax609d ago

Why play shitty performing and controlling games on $900 phones when we have so much other crap to keep us glued to them already? Let the dopamine flow.

Sokol608d ago

That looks and plays absolutely atrocious..

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