VGR: Fallout 3 Review


"Differences between the PC and 360 versions are small but worth mentioning. The PC version looks miles better and has faster loading times, while the 360 doesn't. The 360 version still looks amazing though, just not as good as the PC version. The PC version can also use the 360 controller to play, so if you prefer the controller to the keyboard, you can use it with ease. Visually, both games are amazing to look at and only a small number of glitches hold it back, but it doesn't spoil what is an amazing game.

Fallout 3 has just so much to offer, multiple endings and a huge campaign lasting maybe 80-90 hours if you do all the side quests, hunt down the bobbleheads and so on. It's absolutely huge when compared to the games of today; you really do get your money's worth. Fallout 3 is my personal favourite game of 2008 thus far, so I cannot recommend this gem enough. Add it to your collection immediately."

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