PS5: Sony's VR Patents Suggest It's Close to Solving VR's Biggest Problem

Sony could be set to dominate the VR console experience in a little over a year. And it looks like part of that approach is by focusing on the little things.

Neonridr1895d ago

hasn't HTC had this feature on their Vive headsets since they launched?

porkChop1895d ago

I believe the Rift S also lets you see what's in front of you. The voice detection thing is new though.

Neonridr1895d ago

just strange that they make it seem like no other company has done the external camera thing to see your surroundings. And I would be interested to see how these microphones would be able to differentiate between someone talking in general, to someone talking directly to you.

Sevir1894d ago

They don't make it seem like anything, there are multiple avenues to technical solutions in tech products, patenting your solution and variations is just protecting your product innovations so no one can ape your method. That's why we have patents and IP...

Babadook71894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

“just strange that they make it seem like no other company has done the external camera thing to see your surroundings. ”

No. They acknowledged that.

“Many VR headsets already come with built-in cameras like the Valve Index and Valve Pro. But these lenses primarily serve as external tracking cameras to provide a more realistic VR experience or mixed reality capabilities by overlaying virtual objects onto camera footage. Sony’s patent idea offers another way that these external cameras might be used by giving gamers just enough connection to the real world to stay fully immersed in the game.”

RacerX1893d ago

Wireless is what will take VR to the next level.

My Rift is great, but even though the Quest is less powerful, the immersion is so much better even though it's not as powerful.

If PS5 has a wireless headset that is more powerful than the orgianl Rift/Vive, SIGN ME UP.

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ocelot071894d ago

Also windows mixed reality has had this feature for a few months now

woleyofo1894d ago

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Thundercat771894d ago

Hasn't HTC cost $600 at launch while PSVR was a more economic entry?

Bane351894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Lol right

DaDrunkenJester1894d ago

Well the psvr bundle at launch was $499, but there are many benefits to the HTC compared to the psvr. PSVR is a fantastic piece of tech though that really helped push the vr industry forward even though it's the least impressive of the big 3 vr headsets

Neonridr1893d ago

my PSVR launch bundle was $699 in Canada... not exactly peanuts my good friend.

Bane351894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

You aware that the article is talking about features coming to next psvr right ? And not other vr devices

Neonridr1893d ago

again, using a camera to see your surrounds is tech that's available in current VR headsets.

rainslacker1893d ago

The patent is just for the way it does it. Even if the feature is available elsewhere, there may be different ways to achieve the same thing.

RangerWalk2671893d ago

The Samsung Gear VR let's you see your surroundings. And that's a headset made for a phone. That being said, I bought the first gen PSVR and thought it was fun for a while....be it quickly became boring. That was before a bunch of these newer games and apps. When I owned it, it felt like more of a gimmick.

HICK1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Please define gimmick. I hope you weren't one of those people saying touch screen phones were a gimmick...

NeoGamer2321893d ago

You have to understand that there are a whole group of media that are only watching what happens on consoles and do not look at broader tech in the PC and mobile markets. They seem to think the world revolves around consoles and only consoles.

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Doge1895d ago

Please just go with inside-out tracking.

porkChop1895d ago

If they do inside-out, they need to do it right. Oculus failed with the Rift S, making the same mistakes as the Windows headsets. No cameras at the back of the headset or on the bottom means you lose controller tracking way too easily. Inside-out tracking only works if you have enough cameras to make up for the lack of external sensors.

crazyCoconuts1894d ago

Has that been reported on (S tracking issues)? Not doubting you, just looking for opinions because I've been thinking of picking an S up. Early hands on reviews I've read have been positive, saying the gyros compensate pretty well when the controllers go out of view...

porkChop1894d ago


Yeah, I've seen reviews talk about it losing controller tracking easily. So for archer games it becomes a problem to reach beyond your back to grab arrows.

I was considering upgrading from my Rift but it doesn't seem worth it.

crazyCoconuts1894d ago

Thanks porkChop. Maybe I'll hold off for now.

Neonridr1893d ago

I wouldn't say they failed, just that in certain instances games that require you to motion behind you can definitely become problematic. It would be nice if Oculus allowed the Rift S to use external cameras as well. Put one camera behind you and then you'd be golden.

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DigitalRaptor1895d ago


- inside-out tracking
- eye tracking / foveated rendering
- wireless headset
- upgraded controllers with finger sensing
- up to 240fps via reconstruction
- higher res but still using PenTile RGB subpixel tech
- bunch of other QoL features like this

BLUEKNIFE1894d ago

Agree, VR HAS to go wireless no matter what.

1894d ago
rainslacker1893d ago

So long as I dont have to have the camera within 8' of the play area I'm good. It's a nuisance to have to set up my camera in the living room since the canker is too short. They give plenty if cable for the psvr headset, but if you ever get that far from the camera it just plasters up that out of play area message, even though it appears to still be tracking fine. Either that, or a tracking that doesn't rely in the camera.

Wireless would be a bonus though

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Kurisu1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Before I got my PSVR I had never experienced any kind of VR, so I was pretty amazed when I put on the headset for the first time. To be honest though I don't use it much - if it was wireless I'd use it more. However tripping over wires kind of breaks the immersion, especially when playing games like Super Hot VR. VR is still in it's infancy really and I'm really looking to see where it can go in the future and I'll definitely support the PSVR2*

*When it goes down in price