Ripten Preview: Plain Sight

Ripten writes: "What the ding-dally is Plain Sight, you ask? Well, dear reader, just take a seat and I'll run you through it. Before the Eurogamer Expo, I had no idea about this game either, but after discovering and playing this gem I'm sure more people need to know about it. The game is developed by six Londoners collectively known as Beatnik Games, and will be available at the start of 2009 on PC and later Xbox 360. I'm sure what you really want to know is what the fuss is about- hit the jump for the full preview.

In answer to your question, I refer you to this page. You play as a little ninja robot, with one point. The aim of the game is to kill other ninja robots to get more points and multipliers. Try to contain yourself from the excitement of ninja robots for a second, because there's slightly more to it than that- the only way to actually score those points is to blow yourself up. The more people you catch in the explosion with you, the more multipliers you get. It's simple enough once you get playing."

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