Sony and Microsoft Working Together? How the Big Three Have Diverged

The Sony & Microsoft partnership may come as a surprise, but the seeds were planted for this all along. What does it mean for the future of gaming and how has it cemented certain ideas and theories gamers had about next gen?

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ThaBx31d ago

This verified that Sony and M$ was never really competitors.. M$ Just got into gaming in fear that there space was going to be effected at that time.. This is way Xbone is so similar to PS4.. Now there officially partners in the future of gaming.. Fan girls 🔥

SolidGamerX31d ago

They're still competitors in the gaming space, you can work with a company to benefit from that companies technology and still compete they've even mentioned that themselves a great example of this is Blu-ray Sony in partnership with other companies developed BR not MS yet guess whats in all those xboxes.

gangsta_red31d ago

What's interesting is will have to see what else might be on the table, perhaps a more willingness for crossplay.

I remember some excuses of Sony being unwilling due to "security reasons", but that's definitely not true with the recent news of Sony using MS's azure for PSnow and potential other uses.

Maybe in the future we can see a cross collab between Sony, MS and Nintendo.

Especially with Google, Verizon and other big companies stepping into the arena.

Razzer31d ago

" recent news of Sony using MS's azure for PSnow "

There was no such news. The possibility is there, but at this point there is only an "understanding" to "explore". Strange how vague they are about this. I'm thinking they wanted to be able to open up a dialogue and head off the possibility of rumors and leaks.

gangsta_red31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It may just be legal non-binding speak to us natives and the rest of the public as you suggested, but with the coming barrage of other streaming networks Sony and MS are definitely going to want to stay ahead of that curve.

I definitely think that this will happen and that's exactly why we did get such news.

Razzer31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I mean it looks like it is heading that way......but thinking it is going to happen and "news" where they announce that it is happening are completely different things. It isn't there yet. Things could fall apart before they get to the negotiation stage. No idea what will happen next, but it should be interesting.