Gamer.Blorge Review: Resistance 2 potentially best FPS of 2008

Resistance 2 is about to hit the store shelves tomorrow and it looks like PS3 owners are in for a rare treat. Considering the complexity and scope of Resistance 2, this is one title that is a bit tricky to review.

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ultimolu5325d ago

Excuse me but...why would this be reported when we've been getting news from this site for a while?

Nineball21125325d ago

but I'm sure you already knew that, eh?

ambientFLIER5325d ago

Obviously because Gears of War 2 is better, Juken.

chaosatom5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

--Old articles that say 11 things that suck about ps3 gets approved.

--Kotaku gets approved.

So I approved this. :)

It's not like the articles says Resistance 2 > Gears 2. Since Gears 2 is not a FPS.

Socom5325d ago


Let no "respected" (in reality extremely biased) journalist tell you otherwise.

Resistance 2 is absolutely SICK. Its packed to the brim with content and will satisfy people for months, unlike its competitor which is the same as its predecessor (killing locusts only is not boring for so long).

R2 is SICK. Beta proved it.

Tarasque5325d ago

Way to compare best FPS of 2008 and throw a Non FPS into the mix, fanboys i swear.

Aquanox5325d ago

Sure, you can say that, when Gears of War 2 is technically, a Third Person Shooter, conveniently sweeping away the best shooter of the year Gears of War 2. Even so, I expect COD5 to get similar, if not better reviews than Resistance 2.

Anyways, take away that "F" off the title, and it will sound ridiculous. Very clever.

giovonni5325d ago

I agree with you, Gears of War 2 shouldn't be compared to RFOM2 because one is a first person shooter, and the other 3rd person, but people are going to do it. Even the title doesn't compare it to Gears "Resistance 2 potentially best FPS of 2008". So, compare it to Halo 4, Haze, Far Cry 2, etc. Gears when it comes out should be compared to Dead space. However, you guys will disagree with me.

arika5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

they should have taken out potential on the title of this article because resistance 2 is the best FPS this year and a Game of the year contender. i don't care what critics say because it can be rigged easily with money, persuasion, loyalty and fanboyism.....

i'll be playing 2 hours from now and ill be my own judge... wait for my

r2kcipher5325d ago

R2 best fps of the year, cool. MGS4 is the best 3rd person shooter of the year. LBP is the best platformer of the year. and Fallout3 is the best rpg of the year.. boy am i happy i have them all..

disclaimer: all this is the opinion of one person. although others may share the opinion of this person. that in no way makes it fact.. LBP, Fallout3, and MGS4 may fall into different sub genres.

sources sited: r2kcipher, not metacritic.

ultimolu5325d ago

Is that so?

Explain to me how it's better?

callahan095325d ago

People, who cares about Gears 2 when you're talking about Resistance 2? Don't you people realize that the two games are distinctly different? Not only is one first person and one third person, but they're not even the same genre of shooter. Gears of War is closer is a cover-based, small-squad based tactical game. Resistance is a run-and-gun, Team-Fortress/Halo hybrid shooter.

I'm getting both to satisfy two distinct needs for my gaming addiction.

Compare Resistance 2 to Halo 3 all you want, it makes sense (even though one of those games is new and one is a year old, they're in appropriate classes to be compared to one another). But Gears is NOT a substitute for Halo or Resistance. Totally different. I have tons of friends that love Halo 3 and they hated Gears. Resistance 2 could be very much up their alley, and Gears 2 likely will not be. I'm sick of people trying to determine whether Resistance 2 or Gears 2 will be better. They're both fine games for satisfying distinct gaming pleasures, and if you've got both systems and like both genres, then dammit play both games.

jammy_705325d ago

cod5 wont score better than resistance, it just wont.
you just get that feeling...u know.... =S

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I Got 99 Problems Bu5325d ago

You troll so hard but fail even harder,JEAH!

mesh15325d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WAIT WAIT I think the sonyfanboys are comforting them selves by posting blogs that any 1 can set up and submit it as a review hahahahaha resisitance 2 is 89% on meta critic and it wont be changing the gqame is averagwe did i mention gears of war 2 is at 95% .

Aquanox5325d ago

So, since Gears is a Third Person Shooter, I guess they're performing a clever "titling" so get some clicks.

Stryfeno25325d ago

I thought blogs wasn't allowed? O.k now I see, its only allowed when it favors the PS3 and belittled the 360.

I Got 99 Problems Bu5325d ago

Ma, cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT!

Gue15325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

since when? Patchstation 3
when it's a Resistance 2 review that's favorable?

Nineball21125325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

an excellent score.