Heidi Klum Dances In Underwear For Guitar Hero Commercial

Harmonix and MTV may have secured the rights to use the Beatles' songs in an upcoming video game, but Guitar Hero publisher Activision has a black belt in marketing and fanboy-baiting. They've just released a commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour that features super model Heidi Klum dancing around in her lingerie.

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hitthegspot4025d ago

with Coby Bryant, Michael Phelps, Arod and Tony Hawk. I like this one better...

Coheno4024d ago

Dude, who cares about those guys...have you seen this? Heidi Klum in underwear jumping and shaking. Only one i care about!

Ps3Fanboy7774024d ago

Nothing wrong with that. *Snickers

Megatron084024d ago

Well its obvious that guys love seeing her in her panties I wonder if thats really a good way to promote the game. The game is huge with women and people of all ages.

Then again there are a lot of lesbians out there that will love that commercial so never guess they got the women cover after all.

ActionBastard4024d ago

I hope to die and be reincarnated as the cotton liner of her panties.

Th3 Chr0nic4024d ago

well i just went out and bought the whole package after seeing this commercial.everything not just one peice. now how do i assemble all this crap....oh wait blow up with air and lube

what u thought i bought GH4? nah heidi klum blow up with all the bells and whistles...

EvilCackle4024d ago

Bells and whistles? I wasn't aware they sold premium models :P

blockhead17004024d ago

i think i got a cucumber in my pocket

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The story is too old to be commented.