With the PS5 and Next Xbox looming, what are the best selling consoles of all time?

With the PS5 and another Xbox expected to be confirmed in and around E3 2019, lets look at the best selling consoles of all time.

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Immagaiden159d ago

Of the top 10 selling systems of all time 5 are from Sony, 4 are from Nintendo & 1 is from Microsoft.

Im interested in how it may change depending on how much Switch, PS5 & NexBox end up selling at the end of their respective lifecycles.

robtion159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

If you take out portables and just look at home consoles the top 5 are:
1. PS2
2. Original PS
3. Nintendo Wii
4. PS4
5. PS3

Is it just me or am I am seeing a trend ;)

elazz158d ago

And in a few months the top 3 home consoles will only be PlayStation.


1. PS2
2. PS4
3. PS1

NarutoFox159d ago

Hmm PS3 still outsold Xbox 360 and the 360 had an one year head start

BayAreaBird159d ago

At the very end it did; but for the first 3-4 years, Microsoft was way ahead from everyone else. It took Sony a long time to get their act together. Nintendo was behind though. But who can really blame the results? This was a time when we didn't even know what the future would have hold in 5+ years in 2005. Was WiFi going to be a game changer? Would internet speeds increase? Having a plan to later download 40+GB of PS3 games straight to the console was not an idea that even came to mind when developing the PS3. No one knew streaming would be possible let alone even know it was going to happen down the road. This is why Xbox had no wifi; technology was still knew and no one had any idea where it was going to do. Nintendo was unlucky and decided to stay the same while having a few online capabilities; but played it very safe because they had no idea what was going to happen in 5 years. I think now we have a good idea where things are going and as much I hate to say it because I love physical copies of games; it's all going digital.

Krangs_Uncle159d ago

From the PS3's introduction into the market, the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide on a yearly basis. It then passed the 360's lifetime sales by the end of the generation.

shinoff2183158d ago

Thats not exactly true. Maybe for xbox, but sony started letting publishers publish smaller print runs of games so if you have a ps4 your fine. Theres so many games still coming out physically. Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon also and now allow small print runs of games. I think sony still has a smaller allowance. Ive seen a couple games for ps4 get 1000 copy print runs. In reality physical media is doing great and way better then last gen. Not only are aaa games getting physical releases but theres so so many indies getting physical releases for ps4 and switch. MS gets left out because ive heard and read their minimum print run is 50k.

So basically im saying if you like physical media get a ps4 or switch leave the xbox alone.

ps360owner09158d ago


And the Nintendo Wii still handily outsold the PS3 even though the PS3 was released in North America/Japan first.

CBaoth158d ago

IF we're only talking hardware sales (Wii 103 mil, PS3 89 mil.) then it's hardly the ass whooping Sony put on Nintendo during the PS1, PS2, and PS4 eras. You're right though, Ninty was undoubtedly the clear cut winner last gen when you factor in software, hardware and accessories combined revenue. They made more profit than Sony and MS combined. The real problem is they didn't make enough money for their partners or expand their targeted audience, so we're left heading into the 9th gen in which Ninty was already forced to release a second gaming device with no real 3rd party support aside from indie developers.

shinoff2183158d ago

We all know what drew people to the wii. It really wasnt that good of a system. It had a handful of dope games but thats it.

PhoenixUp158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

I’ll be amazed if Microsoft can release another console that could crack the top 10 best selling systems of all time

AK91158d ago

I think the Ninty DS, yea I know not a console but I believe it’s the best gaming hardware of all time.

IRetrouk158d ago

The nds finished at 154.90 million
Ps2 finished 157.68 million

AK91158d ago

*best selling gaming hardware