Epic Store Boss Calls Paradox "Greedy" After Publisher Removes Bloodlines 2 from EGS Sale

Sergey Galyonkin had some choice words for Paradox Interactive after the publisher chose to not participate in the ongoing Epic Mega Sale event.

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harmny499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

No. It's bad journalism. Not only Sergey didn't say that. But paradox wasn't losing any money. Because epic pays for the discount of the mega sale not the developer. Those 10$ off come from epic's pocket.
People should really take a second or two to see what's going on before talking crap. But i have zero expectations. Forum gamers these days know only two things:
Epic = the devil
PlayStation = god

Jerlemar499d ago

You would've gotten a lot of agrees if it wasn't for that last line. Lol.

rainslacker499d ago

Why bring playstation into it? As far as consoles with dirty status, I only know of one that has people saying it has a savior.

BlackRaven85_1499d ago

@rainslacker Stop playing with people. You know N4G changes with the tide. This time it's pro PlayStation more than any other console.

nyu1499d ago

It's bullshit clickbait. That guy did not call them greedy. He responded to a comment saying that if they were greedy (as the commenter implied), Epic's solution would be perfect for them.

2pacalypsenow500d ago

So the company luring all new games with money is calling a publisher greedy?

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meep316499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

please explain to me how epic is being greedy by giving publishers more money in their pocket? The story isnt even true, what a time we live in...

Elwenil499d ago

And another new account...

499d ago
Elwenil499d ago

Why wouldn't I live at home? I've owned it for 19 years.

nyu1499d ago

They didn't. Just n4g dumbs falling for another clickbait article

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N3mzor500d ago

This is fake. It wasn't Galyonkin who called them greedy. He responded to someone else who said that.

His actual statement is that *IF* Paradox were greedy, Epic's sale would be a perfect thing for them and they would have no reason to pull out.

I'm personally not a fan of Galyonkin, he's said a pile of shady things in the past but this is not one of them.

Gwiz500d ago

How would someone be greedy by selling it for less?and that being a perfect thing?that makes even less sense wtf man :D

harmny499d ago

Because epic pays the difference. They aren't losing any money. Maybe if you took two seconds to know what's going on instead of being a sheep

Gwiz499d ago

I questioned his comment,without context it doesn't make sense.
You assume that Epic pays the difference because they are buying exclusivity.
How do you know that actually took place?lol because you followed the herd?lol

N3mzor499d ago

Because Epic ARE paying the difference. It was just the $10 off that Epic were giving away, there was no other discount for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

Paradox didn't suffer any costs for Vampire discount, Epic soaked it all up. This was one time that Epic offered something that is actually good for gamers and Paradox pulled out.

My best guess is Paradox didn't want Epic to devalue Vampire in players' eyes. Once you buy it for $10 off, other players aren't really inspired to buy it at full price.

Gwiz500d ago

Wait but I thought Epic wanted to make sure people made more money on their launcher?
XD... yeah

DillyDilly500d ago

A greedy guy calling someone else greedy now that is classic

nyu1499d ago

He didn't call anyone greedy.

Read the article.

Bullshit article and this site should honestly be reported for shit like this. I'd be pissed if they misrepresented my statements like that.

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