Bethesda has officially removed Denuvo from the Steam version of RAGE 2

DSOGaming writes: "Man, what a roller coaster this has been. While testing the review code, we’ve discovered that Avalanche has implemented the Denuvo anti-tamper tech in RAGE 2 (even though Bethesda hadn’t listed Denuvo on the game’s Steam store page). This, obviously, frustrated a lot of PC gamers who felt cheated by the publisher."

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Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

Well that didn't take long.

Time for the performance increases.

Darkborn4d ago

I'm not sure why denuvo is a thing still. It gets cracked in days and makes the games run way worse for the life cycle of the game.

Razmiran4d ago

Not even days
Rage and Sekiro took hours

Blu3_Berry4d ago

Sekiro didn't even launch with Denuvo and Rage 2 Bethesda's version didn't have Denuvo, hence neither were actually cracked. Get you facts right.

jeki4d ago

What are you talking about?

Codewow4d ago

It’s been discussed before in the marketing world. Apparently a disproportionate amount of a game’s sales are within its first few weeks, so if it can hold pirates off for that amount of time, they can get a few extra sales out of it.

Darkborn4d ago

Yeah but why would someone who wants to pirate a game buy it a week before its free for them? If they know it will be cracked, as every game gets cracked, an extra week or two is worth the wait.

tekiz4d ago

It's for the best honestly. There is zero credible evidence that Denuvo has increased sales versus games that don't use it.

The vast majority of people will buy things if they have money, DRM only punishes those who pay.

Codewow4d ago

Regardless of any evidence that we have. The marketing department will say that it’s better than nothing to squeeze out even a few sales.

tekiz4d ago

But critics will point out that while it might not be preferable piracy is free advertising and has been shown to bring new customers into series.

TheOpenWorlder4d ago

Not GG. They were forced to do this. Lets not forget they're the same people that pulled a bag switch on Fallout 76 collectors item people

quent4d ago

Yeah Ik that, was more in The form of sarcasm, they've got a sht ton of customer Goodwill to win back, my guess everything will be forgotten/forgivin when tes 6 drops, the circle of hype, pre-order, disappointment and outrage