EA talks Red Alert 3 expansion plans

EA is considering giving Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 fans "portions" of post-release content that focus on one particular part of the game, instead of a single, all-encompassing expansion pack.

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Altis14029d ago

She smells like strawberries. :)

bumnut4029d ago

mmmmmmm, i want to do rude things to gemma

I Call 9MM4028d ago

Definitely one of the greatest parts of Red Alert 3 is her in her skimpy little outfit.

Anyway, I hope that they don't try and do the stupid downloadable content thing with RA3. I like having a complete box set for the expansion pack with all the bells and whistles. EA is just rubbing their grubby money hungry hands together. "Instead of charging 40 dollars for the expansion pack, we can make more if each part is separate". Don't be dinks EA. Being a PC game, we'll get plenty of multiplayer maps from the community already. There are plenty for RA2, C&C3, and there will be plenty for RA3. We just need EA to go out, make some new units, some new campaign material, and a few extra multiplayer maps couldn't hurt (like some 8 player ones).