'Rage 2' Is 'Doom' Meets 'Mad Max' Meets Mediocrity | VICE

A compromised implementation of fundamentally good ideas that never seems to come together.

tree_fiddy5d ago

Do we really need two posts of this mediocre review on here?

melons5d ago

they are two different pieces

tree_fiddy5d ago

Honestly? VICE above all writes two click-bait pieces about this game?

csreynolds5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

This game is not mediocre IMO. Those deeming it so have either rushed their playthrough (which even the devs advised NOT to do), or simply don't understand what Avalanche/id was going for.

I've played 1hr 35mins so far and in that time I've liberated two strongholds, hunted three Arks, got into two spontaneous races, several random encounters and shot a LOT of goons. I've not even started the 2nd mission yet, and I'm enjoying every moment.

No, it's not perfect, but it's a fun blend of Doom 2016 and Mad Max that doesn't take itself too seriously, allows total freedom of activity, and offers up lots of things to do - exactly what I wanted it to be.

tree_fiddy4d ago

Well then you have done everything the game has to offer already.

DothrakiSea4d ago

Dude you can literally say that about every game. It's getting ridiculous that a community of gamers randomly expect this nonsense. How many different activities are they supposed to have? And tell me one game that fits what you are looking for so I can check it out and never repeat anything. This is literally the formula all games use, suddenly these developers are supposed to think up hundreds of different missions in a game about blowing shit up.

tree_fiddy4d ago


I was just toying with come here after 1,5h and tell someone he's wrong about the game. Come on, a little bit more credibility please.

DothrakiSea4d ago

1,5 hr?? The Hell are you talking about. You think I'm csreynolds??? And my post hardly had anything to do with this game specifically. Literally every single game that comes out has people like you complaining about lack of activities. Never said you were wrong either, asked for an example of a game you wouldn't shed tears over and you came back with some gibberish directed towards someone else.

csreynolds3d ago

You have entirely missed my point.

The reviewer's comments were of the ilk that the game is bland, boring and can be finished quickly. My point was I've done a bucket load of things in just 95 minutes, without actually tackling the story - disproving that a) this game is short, and b) the wasteland is empty with nothing to do.

So take your snark elsewhere.

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NewUser1013d ago

I agree with the review.It's like Doom but less intense and exciting and the driving is like Mad Max but slower and not as involved. Mix all that with a pretty bland mission structure, lame characters, etc...yeah...people can shit on Vice all they want but this review is pretty well spot on.