System Shock 3 ‘has a lot of interest from publishers’

From VGC: "In February former publisher Starbreeze – which is currently experiencing financial troubles – sold the publishing rights for System Shock 3 back to developer OtherSide, in a deal which saw it recoup the finances it had invested in its development."

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carcarias5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

SS and SS2 are in my top games of all time list. Challenging, atmospheric, engrossing, thoughtful...they were simply incredible, staggering games in their depth of vision and achievement.

Really hope they can bring some of that magic to this sequel, though so much time has gone and we've had the Bioshocks since, so it'll be tough to recapture the innovation and brilliance.

I think one of the important things will be to make sure you don't hold the players hand, especially in terms of character skills and development. Let the choices matter. If a player makes a bad build, they'll have to improvise and make do. They'll learn for their next playthrough and be all the more satisfied when they achieve greater success.

Kevin Levine promised that for Bioshock 3, but it never came to fruition. There was no real problem with choosing the powers and skills, you were going to win anyway and that was despite me playing through in 1999 mode. Also, most of the powers in that game were just different flavours of the same thing. Stun or attack in fire, electricity, energy or ice. Crows were only slightly different.

I hope SS3 has real diversity in skills, talents and powers. There was a huge difference between a gun or psi-power playthrough in the original games for instance.