Why I Have Zero Interest in Cloud Gaming

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are poised to release cloud-gaming platforms to the masses, but the drawbacks outweigh the potential benefits.

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chris23533d ago

personally, i can‘t wait for it. but thanks for the opinion.

optimus33d ago

difference being that cloud gaming should be seen as an option and not a full on replacement of a console. this fear and disdain that people have is unwarranted. especially when they base their concerns on past or current attempts...

technology keeps moving forward, there was a time when a 56k modem was considered fast...5g is slowly being rolled out and the potential of lag free gaming is on the horizon...currently, the market is split on physical and digital media...

sure, your internet may go down 1 day and you can't play anything but by the same token you're disc can end up being scratched or lost and you're out $60 so there is a risk on both sides....

as far as playing your game disc at a friend's house, well the last time i did that i was about 17 yrs old. the older i got the less i found myself doing that...not to mention that if i wanted to today i could by just logging in to my account on their console and downloading the game...not that big a deal....i for one am looking forward to cloud gaming and seeing where it goes.

Imortus_san33d ago

"Sony has cloud gaming courtesy of PlayStation Now and it's decent enough." - 720p with 60 ms input lad + game and controller input lag is decent? but new services that stream at 1080p and 4k are not worth it, lol.

AK9133d ago

Your not the only one.