Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Activision does it again with near-perfect remake magic - Daily Star

Activision and Beenox are bringing everyone’s favourite fuzzy mammal back to consoles in a remake of CTR - and it looks like they’ve managed to make lightning strike twice.

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zodiac909503d ago

"Near perfect??" I would hardly call the controls of the N.Sane trilogy "perfect," compared to the original games.

Teflon02503d ago

It actually wasn't. You're clearly not experienced enough to notice the differences. Once you're past a certain skill level you immediately play the game and things aren't going how they're suppose to. It's not horrible, but you need to basically forget what you know if you're too good, so you don't get annoyed. It's a great remake, but it's not 1 for 1.i do hope ctr somehow successfully does it. But doesn't matter since it has way more stages so I'll just learn whatever I need to adjust

FanboysKiller503d ago

I'm sick of easy patches, it better plays like the original.

zombiewombie503d ago

They played just like the originals, what are you on about?

Teflon02503d ago

I mean, you can look it up. It really doesn't on an advance lvl. The dev's even addressed the issues and said it was the engine they're using and that you'll have to adjust to the changes because they don't intend to change it

Teflon02503d ago

Anyone who's played the original as much as me and I'd as good as it as me knows that what you said us facts. I've died so many deaths in the remake, it made me question my skills. Booted it on my PSTv after and played way better using the same control. The slide physics, the ice physics and such are very different. You slide off edges that were never intended to be that way in the original and landing on the edge of a box slides you off and while on ice can launch you at a high speed like you're sliding. While the games done really well, the details of the controls were off. That's why I didn't platinum any of em on ps4. I've said I need to not play crash on ps1 for a few years so I don't get annoyed by it not playing right. I swear that's literally why. I play ctr and crah 2 religiously so stopping was hard as they're the most played games on my vita

PhoenixUp503d ago

After this Activision can’t rely on excellent remakes and will have to make new Crash & Spyro games

I can’t wait to see how that plays out

elazz503d ago

They could still remake Tenchu or some of those bad Spyro or Crash games on PS2. But I think they'll let it rest for a bit. Crash. Spyro and CTR are enough tog get going, throw them in bundles, give them some nice discounts during holidays and it would have earned quite some more over the coming months and years. If they handle any sequels it needs to he the same quality.

Platformgamer503d ago

pause them my ass, i want crash and spyro games at least once per year!
it's not like ass assin's creed or call of shit, games that should require 2 or 3 years of development or, better, disappear from existence, a platform game is easier to make.

Rachel_Alucard503d ago

Kinda want remasters of the legend of spyro games that had Wayne brady as sparx and Elijah wood as Spyro.

Teflon02503d ago

I wanted to play the last legend of spyro game but never got to. I wouldn't Mind getting a chance to play it

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The story is too old to be commented.