Resistance 2 for PS3 Arrives: 30 New Screens

Insomniac and Sony's big holiday shooter and PS3 exclusive Resistance 2 arrives in stores today with high hopes of becoming the console's best selling game to date.

With its arrival and thus far positive reviews comes a massive onslaught of screenshots snapped from single player, co-op and multiplayer modes. Many of the screens are from levels never seen outside media events before today.

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pp4034d ago

Is this game for ps2 and when does it come out.

Socom4033d ago

Resistance 2 is the most hardcore shooter of the year.

Gays at war 1.1 does not even come close to it. MS can rig all these reviews they want, all these biased reviewers can write biased articles all they want. Fact is consumers arent stupid.

R2 blows Gays at war 1.1 out of the water. And people have already played the beta...there is no lying. Thats why Sony allows beta plays.

Reviewers are retards and they went from believable to not credible in less than 2 years time. Hmm, I wonder why.

CIO Caveman Trolls4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

REMEDY: Just take a pain killer, if it still hurts your feelings or you are in critical condition somewhere at a hospital - be advised to click on "Disagree" button below.. it should help you feeling much better than expecting higher scores.

Thank you for your cooperation - PLAYSTATION 3rd STILL LOVE YOU BEYOND

Mr Fancy Pants4033d ago

PP why don't you use one account to troll? you have PP, Zerodin, HemDroid and now CIO Caveman Trolls...

what's the point in all that work? don't you get tired of changing accounts every minute a new article comes to comment and don't feel like you're fighting this war alone?

i'm getting R2 tomorrow! Resistance 2 live here ---> here ----> and here --->

olivia4033d ago

here's the verdict you suffer from ps3xbotitis it a rare decease were you lose eye site and the will to think on your own so suck Microsoft balls for well needed nurisment.but i got some bad news,Microsoft brainwash as left dumb as a rusty nail. But wait if sony can fix your problem for not 3,not 2,but 1 easy payment 399.99.remember all medication offer comes with minor side-a-fec,if decease gets worst call Sony right away for a 10 year warranty,unlike the buy with cation warranty like the other Microsoft offers.if you follow these methods i garantee you will be like no other

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HemDroid4034d ago

But To Gears 2 this is Dated

Deviant4034d ago

how comes u waste time trolling .....
oh i guess uve already finished gears

cannot believe im encouraging such fanboy sh!t -.-

ud4034d ago

here 24/7 trolling PS3 news and saying how awesome Gears 2 is for every single review that come out lol.

Why do you like the 360 that much if you almost never play it?

ultimolu4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

...You want to know about Gears 2?

From my point of view?


Thank you and have a nice day.

This had nothing to do with Gears 2 to begin with.

ambientFLIER4033d ago

YES! The Juken we all know and love is back!!! I knew you couldn't resist being yourself any longer!!

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Monchichi0254033d ago

I didn't even know it came out today??? Does anybody know if they had an overnight launch or anything?? sony doesn't seem to be selling this game very good.

GrandTheftZamboni4033d ago

Wow. That first one: looks like a real person is standing in front of a poster. Those can't be in-game screenshots. Can they?

StephanieBBB4033d ago

Looks like this game will be the killer app untill Kz2 after all =)

Sarcasm4033d ago

I picked up the game at the San Francisco Playstation store midnight launch with Ted Price and some of the other Insomniac crew there. Great bunch of guys and Ted Price is just as friendly as he seems in videos.

But man the game is F'in amazing! I don't care if it gets 1/10 reviews or lower scores than Gears 2. I know which game I like more already. Although that's just my opinion of course.

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Shane Kim4034d ago

The biggest FPS this year. End of story.

Oh and Gears 2 blows.

Snukadaman_4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Leave it to it this game is going to sell terribly.....cant wait for the excuses....i think this is the flop of the year...right next to socom and nba 08;the inside.

"We decided to take photos of people buying the game just a few minutes after midnight, but there was no one inside except for Best Buy employees. They had two tables set up near each other, one selling Resistance 2, and the other selling Quantum of Solace and other Bond stuff. The manager came over and asked us, "Is there anyone still outside at the party?" When we told him no he said, "Well, we're supposed to stay open until 1:45am. This doesn't make any sense." It does when people just aren't interested in your game. Of course, maybe the time change got them, and everyone showed up at 1."

WINZLOW4034d ago

last nite around 8pm i live in California. gona go pick up my collectors edition around mid day while i eat lunch. all i need is an id right? i left my receit at home.

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The story is too old to be commented.