Capcom Says Dead Rising’s Still An Integral IP Despite Studio Closure

More than most, Capcom’s Dead Rising series has had a tumultuous past. What began as a humble new IP all the way back in 2006 exploded to become one of the Japanese studio’s core franchise’s in the years that followed. A sequel to Frank West’s zombie-infested mall run arrived in 2010 to satiate the thirst for mass slaughter of the undead, only this time with a few twists. For starters, unlikely hero West was replaced with new protagonist Chuck Greene and Capcom Vancouver (then Blue Castle Games) was chosen to spearhead development.

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Smokehouse757d ago

I’m happy to hear that.

thatguyhayat757d ago

So that means they can give the IP to a studio that can make this franchise shine again

AK91757d ago

The only game I liked in this series was the first one I hope they go back to internally developing games.

Blu3_Berry757d ago

Honestly, I think they need to take this in a new direction.

PhoenixUp757d ago

There’s far more franchise’s more worthy of being integral to Capcom