Skate 4 could be EA's next live-service success story

GR: “With each passing year, the absence of Skate 4 becomes a little more pronounced. It would be funny if it weren't so actively absurd. And listen, I get it; EA is sat on plenty of inactive intellectual properties and, given that we are on the eve of the next generation, some of them just aren't going to make the cut. There's the likes of Burnout and Black, Knights of the Old Republic, Medal of Honor, SSX, and Ultima... look, to be perfectly honest with you, the full list of industry-shaping and generation-defining franchises EA has gathering dust in a vault somewhere in Redwood, California makes for exhaustive reading.”

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criticalkare5d ago

EA will always make way to screw up their games... not better

RpgSama4d ago

Yeah!, There are no EA success stories, unless you're an EA shareholder, for us the gamers their just predatory games with predatory tactics

staticall4d ago

«next live-service success story»
Next? You mean first, right? And i doubt that too.

After their last releases (Anthem, Battlefield V, Mass Effect Andromeda and others), i'm not trusting them, especially if the game will be live service and/or online only

1-pwnsause-14d ago

live service? yea???? no, GTFO with that BS.

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