Square Enix Announces Paid DLC for Kingdom Hearts III Game

ANN writes: DLC to feature new scenario, secret episode, boss fights.
News website Famitsu confirmed on Thursday that game director Tetsuya Nomura announced at the "Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-" concert in Tokyo on April 27 that Square Enix is developing paid DLC for the Kingdom Hearts III game.

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AK9131d ago

Well Nomura said a while ago instead of a Remix edition like the previous numbered titles he would be adding DLC to the game.

wwinterj31d ago

Oh but a final mix version will still happen. It's just now you can buy the DLC rather than buy the game again with extra content added.

Platformgamer31d ago

if it's just a big one and one only, if fine with it, it's like upgrading to the final mix version.
if they do anything similar to FF 15, i'll quit KH too

TimelessDbz31d ago

Go ahead and quit. Dlc over time. Then a complete edition.

wwinterj31d ago

The paid DLC will be available as a set as the article says. However the free DLC will probably be in bits.

Platformgamer31d ago

that's what i hope in fact.
no episodes, no changes in the story, no anime/film companion, just ONE big DLC full of stuff, final mix style, and little free DLCs with updates.
i'll wait that everything is out and then i'll replay it all over again :)