GameDaily: Resistance 2 Review

"At this point, there's no use making sense of Resistance 2's story (or the prequel's). This is a post World War II first person shooter set in the U.S., except it's hard imagining we're in the 1940s with aliens (not little green men) running around, and even stranger with the advanced extraterrestrial weapons and futuristic airships. Resistance 2 fixes that issue with big ass monsters and a crazy 60-person multiplayer mode. Ridiculous story? Tell that to the 300 foot tall Leviathan."

"Resistance 2's developer, Insomniac Games, does an excellent job throwing us into tense situations. Throughout our brief journey, we wandered through dark and alien infested apartment buildings, battled a giant monster in Chicago and narrowly avoided becoming a snack for a vicious Fury, an underwater creature that makes a beeline for hapless swimmers. Bullets and lasers fly in all directions, barrels explode and enormous creatures blot out the sun. This is why we own PlayStation 3s."

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HighDefinition4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Gamedaily like YOU, is a MONKEY on a computer. Nothing more.

Mr_Bun4027d ago

Nothing more, yet substantially less!!!

4027d ago
HighDefinition4027d ago

For a bunch a MONKEYS to give.

Gamedaily = Monkeys on a type writer.

La Chance4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

8/10 is a good score.

People disappointed with 8/10 are TOO demanding in my opinion.

Pennywise4027d ago

8/10 is a good score when it is not from a blatant 360 fan and self proclaimed PS3 hater.

Mr_Bun4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Can't wait 'til GamesDaily actually PLAYS the game and then re-reviews it like they did with LBP. Guess they didn't HEAR about the Split-Screen Co-op campaign.

Edit: I love when they mention how the lead character lacks "soul" in reference to a 1st person shooter. Guess they never heard of Half-Life or the Orange box which scored a 96 on Metacritic...oh wait, that was the 360 version...I guess the 360 version of R2 will get a better score from them :)

Mr_Bun4027d ago

I get the impression that you don't own a PS3, yet people like you and Omega can't RESIST the PS3 threads...why is that?

HighDefinition4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Disappointed, who said I`m disappointed.

A 8/10 from Monkeys is atleast a 15/10 from People.

Like I said GREAT score.

Saigon4027d ago

I didn't read the review...but your saying that they did not play the game yet...

Mr_Bun4027d ago

"I didn't read the review"...I am going to stop you right there and say you can't have anything educated to add then.

thewhoopimen4027d ago

They need to list their setup they review with.... sounds like they were playing with a stereo setup in 5.1 audio mode. Voices don't just cut out when you turn.

Socom4027d ago

You know who these people are?

They said LBP "SUCKS" back at E3.
They gave MGS4 an 8.
And they now done the same for R2.

But guess what games gets perfect 10s from these mofos? Halos, Gears, Fables and the ninja gaidens.

These people are 360 fanboys and its not hard to tell. Listening to these idiots is the equivalent as listening to a retard who claims Einstein is stupid when we all know he is one of the smartest people on the planet.

What pisses me off is how many of these socalled "review sites" are actually biased 360 fanboys but all their scores are fully taken in metacritics while others are not.

etownone4027d ago

LMAO at High Def first comment!

ar4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

While I do agree with you that 8 is a good score, do I have to remind you of what YOU wrote on an review giving Gears of War 2 a score of 8.8?

This is what you wrote:
"8.8 ?! The reviewers are clearly Sony fanboys.

How can you not give at least 9/10 to Gears 2 ?!

Sony should stop hiring people to give bad reviews to Gears 2.

The only unbiaised sites are the ones who gave it 9+ , all the rest are owned by Sony."

Hypocrite much?

arika4027d ago

resistance 2 is the best FPS this year and a Game of the year contender. i don't care what critics say because it can be rigged easily with money, persuasion, loyalty and fanboyism.....

i'll be playing 2 hours from now and ill be my own judge... wait for my

sumguy814027d ago


speaking of fanboys. what would you call a person who claims a game is the best FPS this year while in the same post also admits he hasn't played it yet.

and @everyone else in this thread.

the guy who said 8/10 is a good score is right. it is a good score. i don't see how saying that makes him a 360 fanboy???

i don't understand how you can be so hypocritical. you are clearly fanboys and all you do is accuse others of being that.

Back to the article. i think this review sounds the most on. Resistance 1 was a pretty lame game. it had its moments. so for a sequel to a pretty lousy first game to get an 8/10 is damn good.

i do think it's hilarious though to see all the fanboys in an uproar cuz their exclusive didn't get a perfect score. and by hilarious...i, of course, mean pathetic.

BattleAxe4027d ago

I expected as much from GameDaily. Its gotten way out of hand with these guys. Like I've always said, GameDaily are a bunch of losers.

prowiew4026d ago

Oh my god!. 8 out of 10. Theyre fanboys. Im never gonna enter that site again.!. Stop crying. Its just a review, a guy opinion. Why do people care about this? Youre going to buy the game anyway!. And of course 8 of 10 is a good score.

ps. If I would give a score to resistance 1, it would be a 6/10. Now call me fanboy.

BattleAxe4026d ago

You little Fanboy you......

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Bots Of A Feather Fl4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Gamedaily lost all credibility after their Metal Gear Solid 4 review