Days Gone Details Are Both Astonishing and Intricate

Bend Studio's Days Gone details go over the top, whether it's the visuals, the writing, or the sound design.

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Knushwood Butt5d ago

Especially love the sound design, but also the small stuff that you can take for granted, like the way humans use an old school bus as one of the main components of a main gate construction in one of the camps.

rdgneoz35d ago (Edited 5d ago )

If you take the time to look around and listen or watch, you find so many little details. Like the screamers will hum to themselves at times, (which is creepy if you can sneak up close enough), if you hit a newt with a rock the cower, or the guy in Lost Lake that plays guitar songs if you head over to listen. And the graphic details are amazing as well, little touches everywhere. If this game wasn't a PS exclusive or had a white gruff male lead who lost his white blonde wife, it'd have gotten higher scores from some reviewers.

Hardiman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The Screamers do hum to themselves and yes it's creepy but have you seen how they scurry around the environment?!?! Super creepy and it reminds me of the old lady from the new IT Chapter 2 trailer!

It's also creepy when a guy horde is near, their screams and moans come together to make this strange noise that's off in the distance. Also when I hear a Breaker growl, I shit myself a little!

The troubadour at Lost Last is a great touch! I heard three different original songs that were all really good.

Hardiman5d ago

I a man utterly blown away by the level of detail in this game. From the visuals to the audio it is impressive! I play a lot of open world games and the big ones I've spent up to year on, on and off and DG world is one of the most detailed I've experienced. From homes that once were lived in with all the details you'd expect to the terrain, it's amazing. I love how the camps are constructed and how there's a layer of dirt, grim and moss on vehicles out in the wild. There's even dried dirt coming off dirt roads where they meet pavement. The sound of deer in the background or flies buzzing or crickets chirping, it's so immersive.

When it starts to rain you can hear the first few drops before it really sets in. The dynamic weather impresses as well. The score is pretty top notch too.

Lexreborn25d ago

The Dynamic Weather is pretty amazing, the snow storms look amazing! I couldn't believe i was admiring a snow storm haha

Hardiman5d ago

I like the fact that when it snows heavy everything, including bodies and you get covered in white.

Lexreborn25d ago

I was waiting for an article on this because I am loving the things this game is doing. And it seems like reviewers forgot to you know review the game. The way the world is crafted and blended is just so well done. Last night while I was playing I started by loading up the game and noticing they were playing guitar again. I was at first like oh he’s probably playing that song again from last time.

NOPE! Completely different song, made for this game called Mirrors and hot damn was it Fire. I was going to walk away and ended up listening to the whole thing.. I have never done that in a game before where I listened to a background event like that unforced. As soon as it ended I set out on the road.

Came across a question mark on the map turned out to be 2 marauders holding up 2 survivors so I handled them and sent the survivors to the camp. Hit the road again to get to Tucker’s and another question mark popped up on the way a wild Breaker in mid day popped up...

I was like the hell! So, I’m shooting this big ass dude up and he’s just eating it all up and a BEAR comes out of no where.... I’m immediately nervous thinking I have to fight a bear AND a breaker. The breaker just beat the brakes off the bear! Then came charging right back at me!

All of this is unscripted! It’s just the world they created being alive. These reviewers have lost it in making this game out to be bad. It’s a treat every time I jump on

P_Bomb5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Great story! I’ve had some of those unscripted moments as well. Was unfogging part of the map out by the dam, far from home or bike. Heard the horde music, hit R3 and saw them shambling ahead of me, completely in my path. Broad daylight too when they don’t usually roam. Resources too depleted to start anything, not enough bullets in my light heavy. Suddenly 3 deer run out of the bushes past them and the horde starts Benny Hill chasing them out to the water lol, leaving stragglers. So that’s my chance. I start my stealth triangle streak on what’s now a text book divide and conquer thanks to the deer. Thin the herd. Horde leftovers regroup after killing the deer and start walking together again but more dispersed, so I start following them and taking out the last in line one at a time like something out of the movies, ‘til enough are left that I can spray and pray. Horde defeated. Wasn’t even on my itinerary. Thanks Bambi, lol.

The guitarist at the camp is cool, not only because they’re original songs that add a layer of ‘lived in’ to the world, but there’s at least a half dozen or so and they all count as a collectibles! They add to your total if you’re trophy hunting or whatever. Being collectibles, you can also find the songs you’ve unlocked in your collectible menu and listen to them again.

I also don’t mind listening to all the Nero audio files i find as there’s often some piece of drama in them where something goes left. I found the audio diaries in HZD for example too passive and non essential, while Bioshock and MGSV simply had too many that were too long with too much pretentiousness. DG’s are short and to the point and tell a story of what happened right there and then. Not somewhere else. It reinforces that you’re always somewhere someone else died. So watch it, heh.

Hardiman5d ago

Yeah I've heard three original songs played there and they all were really good!

Breakers terrify me lol. The only thing in the Wild I've seen bring them down (besides me) are hordes. He takes down a few but the numbers game is too much.

I was heading to Tucker's area from Lost Lake and there's a little body of water and I've scanning with my binoculars and I see a Breaker fighting three wolves and the Breaker won. I went around!

tree_fiddy5d ago

Yesterday I finally drove to Lost Lake, the sun came out after a bit of rain and this beautiful song started playing. I got goosebumps. The atmosphere this game creates is incredible.

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