Ubisoft Explains Why There's No The Division 2 Raid Matchmaking

Ubisoft Massive explains why there's no matchmaking for The Division 2's first-ever Raid, and outlines their goal for Operation Dark Hours.

Sophisticated_Chap5d ago

This is the same nonsense that Destiny did, and nobody was happy about it. I think that if people want to play a raid with friends, then they should party up and problem solved. At least give lone players some options....sheesh.

Nitrowolf25d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yeah, like I understand that they’re meant to be a mode designed for teamwork, but I feel developers underestimate people’s ability to come together for things like these. I mean if someone’s going into a raid it should be common sense to expect team play to be crucial.

Heck I used group finders in the past for destiny to play with ransoms and it’s never really been a major issue. A lot of times we just start a group on psn so we won’t get separated if say we decide to turn in for the day/night

I mean I won’t deny that for destiny there have been parts where communication is major, but this is usually right around when the raids would go live. I say a few months down the line typically anyone including ransoms could finish them in a breeze

DaDrunkenJester5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Unfortunately, it never comes down to common sense Haha it all depends on the player. I have had new guys come in and continually drop when it has gotten too hard. I have also had new guys come in who were awesome and were really dedicated. On the flip side, without matchmaking I have gotten on teams where the party leader has kicked me out at the final boss because he wants to bring his buddy in who just logged in.

Point is... just put the f-ing matchmaking in and let the players decide how to play. If they want a invite only party, awesome. If they need only one guy because one of their normal party people couldnt make it that night, let them fricking party up with a solo player.

kneon5d ago

This is why I've never done a raid in Destiny. I ignore 99% of friend requests, but even if I did accept, organizing friends to all play at once would be difficult because the times that I play at are all over the place.

Not that it matters, maxing out characters is already too easy. And since I don't play the terrible pvp I don't really care about most of the gear I'm not getting, what I have is already good enough. I haven't even bothered to masterwork my main gear despite sitting on a couple of hundred enhancement cores.

excaliburps5d ago

Yep, I agree. At least give players the option if they want it, right? I gather, Ubi should patch it in as long as the playerbase keeps complaining.

FTANK5d ago

Destiny was pretty demanding with some of the puzzles in raids but this doesn't seem like the type of game too require that specific level of cooperation and communication. Even so, the lack of that feature was annoying and a major turn off

TheGamez1005d ago

Raids are awesome but it can be quite complicated with randoms especially. There are those that dont want to talk, suck and hold the team back, or just plain troll. Theyre ever only enjoyable if EVERYONE is experienced and know what to do. If not then it can get pretty heated at times with one guy getting pissed, one guy leaves, etc etc. One other HUGE problem with raids is that theyre very looonngggg so not everyone has hrs upon hrs of free time so scheduling a raid is needed.
With matchmaking, I think all of that could be solved. Each checkpoint can be saved for your character and can be where matchmakings can made. If someone leaves, then you can just simply matchmake and find another guy quickly. Everyone can also learn the raid this way with every checkpoint having matchmaking, you can keep attempting over and over and just learn that way. Even if you or someone else leaves, you can leave it for another time and matchmake with others for whatever specific time. Because anyone else that matchmakes at the same time you do, means that theyll also be up for and have the time to spare for the raid at that time. Also there should be a kick function for trolls and whatnot.
Shame divi2 wont get it. I've barely any friends that play and I HATE doing LFGs. Sure I could ask clan members but then theres the whole scheduling we'd have to do.


I mean, even with an LFG team, someone can always suck and hold the team back. Then you end up kicking them and having to go back to the LFG site to find someone else. And, the issue with that, that's always been an issue with Destiny, is that some players want to play the entire Raid, as some sections might reward certain items. So then if someone joins half way through the raid, they'll have to then find another group later on to complete the first half.

My issue isn't that they don't want to put matchmaking in the game, it's the fact that they stated EVERY ACTIVITY WILL HAVE MATCHMAKING. And when you don't deliver on what you promise, it starts to create this narrative that studios can start saying all they want to, and then change their minds a couple of days before content releases. There are literally hundreds of people who just purchased the annual pass right before this news broke, and are now upset that what was promised isn't the case. It's not about who's right or wrong, it's about the principle of the matter. That's like if I bought tickets to a football game, and then a couple hours before the game, they decide to change it from full contact to flag or two hand touch. It's not what I paid for.

Kabaneri5d ago

They said all this game's activities would have matchmaking. LIARS.


Personally I’m glad there’s no matchmaking for raids. It’s better to go in with clan mates or friends for this kind of activity.

Fishy Fingers5d ago

How would having the option to matchmake stop you from doing that? I wouldn't.

I find these types of opinions laughable. "I don't think its needed so f*** everyone else"

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