Days Gone – Co-Op Coverage

In the weeks since launch, Days Gone has had a mixed reception from journalists and gamers alike, beset by technical issues and criticisms around the repetitive nature of its gameplay. Player 2 looks at the launch of this new IP and where it may go from here.

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NecrumOddBoy7d ago

In the weeks since launch, Days Gone has had heavy bashing from leftist journalists and SJWs alike, beset by technical issues and criticisms around the "gruff' nature of its "toxic white masculinity."

- Headline fixed....

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

Yes because 2 of the 100 reviews kinda hinted at some SJW stuff and that means all lower scores can be ignored.

SolidGamerX7d ago

They did not "kinda hint" it was blatantly obvious.

tree_fiddy6d ago

When it was 3 of the biggest sites on the net, it becomes a bit obvious.

Footyspacecadet7d ago

Just go away with this garbage. What utter trash

tree_fiddy6d ago

Read the Gamespot, Polygon or Eurogamer reviews.

quent7d ago

Technical issues related to sjw's ?

Darkborn7d ago

Sjw's are technical issues.

robtion7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Hardly a mixed reception from gamers. Metacritic user review currently:
-801 positive
-44 mixed
-91 negative
And most (perhaps all) of the negative ones are troll reviews.

How is that mixed exactly?

AK917d ago

The depressing thing is random metacritic users reviews have more validity than game journalist ones.

TekoIie6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Except they're so not. But if you'd like me to prove it I can go make an account myself and give Day's Gone a 1 out of 10 and you can say that's a valid review right?

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

And a good amount of those positives aren't fanboy reviews giving it a 10/10? Why are we now taking user reviews on meta critic seriously?

SolidGamerX7d ago

Finished the game and platinumed it this morning, as someone who's played it all the way through and has actual first hand knowledge versus those just spreading hate for a game they've never played and never will, I can honestly say I'd take many of those user reviews far more seriously than critics giving it a 5/10.

tree_fiddy6d ago

Well many actually state that they'd give it an 8 but score it a 9 or 10 to outweigh the 0s from trolls, so that's totally legitimate when the final score seems reasonable, which it does.

No Way6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

SolidGamerX - Thats the issue.. you enjoyed it, but that doesn't take away from people who didn't. I'm sure there are games people love, that you hate.

This is one reason, among many, that reviews are pointless.

PJA20177d ago

I didn't realise the only people who could render an opinion on a game existed on metacritic. Thanks for clarifying

Dark_Knightmare27d ago

Did this author not check across social media to see that the reception from gamers who bought the game has been overwhelmingly positive and in no way mixed.

Hewso7d ago

Just asking here... did you read the article. Because there were two authors and they both go on to say they are enjoying it and that the reviews were most likely made worse because of the need for reviewers to play the whole thing in a short period of time.

Dark_Knightmare27d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yes I read the article and I’m happy that they are enjoying it but they specifically said it got a mixed reception from critics and gamers alike and that’s not true. When it comes to critics yeah you could say that but when it comes to gamers thats just false. Like I said all you have to do is look across social media like Facebook,Twitter,streamers etc and see that the reception has been wholly positive

Hardiman7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Again there are no technical issues at least no more than is the usual for these types of games. I've seen two and they were very minor and not game breaking at all. I'm at 840 days gone and still in the story so I'm out in the wild and again no game breaking bugs or technical issues you wouldn't expect.

Also I don't get the repetitive gripe either because side missions are not drawn out and tie into the main story and the loops are really fun!

tree_fiddy6d ago

The camps are also designed very differently, so I don't see the repetition at all.

SpamnJam7d ago

Wow a lot of people clearly upset about an article they clearly didn't read....About par for NG4 I suppose.

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