Nintendo Is Discounting Their Own Games With a Game Vouchers Program

The Mario Maker 2 Direct was jam-packed with details, including new game vouchers for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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Gemmol1482d ago

I want to use it for fire emblem and astral chain.....I need a second voucher for dragon quest 11 and Pokémon sword and I’m good it would save me 40 altogether

I’m all digital so I do not care for physical

pietro12121482d ago

Same here. I'll be using the voucher for my next purchase

JunMei1482d ago

At first I was like... what?
But then I thought... this is actually pretty nice. Assuming you're getting non-discounted games.

QuePasa871482d ago

I wish this worked for physical games

Platformgamer1482d ago

instead of, well, discounting their games itself, like sony and microsoft do, you have to get youself vouchers?
nintendo is in the doofus zone or what?

Gemmol1482d ago

It’s a limited time deal up to July 31st and they said there will be a new deal switch in place for all we know the next deal could be better

alexg5871481d ago

With the right resources (friends or family) you can get it even cheaper with a target red card and employee discount... 2 full price games for $85