Nintendo Is Discounting Their Own Games With a Game Vouchers Program

The Mario Maker 2 Direct was jam-packed with details, including new game vouchers for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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Gemmol1839d ago

I want to use it for fire emblem and astral chain.....I need a second voucher for dragon quest 11 and Pokémon sword and I’m good it would save me 40 altogether

I’m all digital so I do not care for physical

pietro12121839d ago

Same here. I'll be using the voucher for my next purchase

JunMei1839d ago

At first I was like... what?
But then I thought... this is actually pretty nice. Assuming you're getting non-discounted games.

QuePasa871839d ago

I wish this worked for physical games

Platformgamer1838d ago

instead of, well, discounting their games itself, like sony and microsoft do, you have to get youself vouchers?
nintendo is in the doofus zone or what?

Gemmol1838d ago

It’s a limited time deal up to July 31st and they said there will be a new deal switch in place for all we know the next deal could be better

alexg5871838d ago

With the right resources (friends or family) you can get it even cheaper with a target red card and employee discount... 2 full price games for $85


Metal: Hellsinger dev says he is against Game Pass after seeing how it affects sales

Founder of Metal: Hellsinger studio says he wasn't against Game Pass until their game launched on Microsoft's service, which affected game sales.

TheProfessional2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Why did PS copy gamepass if it's so terrible and unprofitable? PS Now was before gamepass but it was streaming trash that no one had any interest in.

And honestly the way the industry releases overpriced and broken games with day one season passes and dlc who wouldn't want to just pay for a subscription instead of $70 per game?

Only biased PS fans would defend paying more to a corporation rather than an option that's cheaper for the consumer overall. If it's from an indie studio that needs the sales that's different but games published by larger companies are fine on a subscription model. Also any of these devs who complain did decide to put their games on gamepass in thr first place.

ocelot071h ago

Ahhh yes the typical but but but Sony in a Microsoft article.

When did Sony copy Microsoft? I havent seen Sony's big day one titles such as God of war Ragnarok or GT7? Do you want to know why they are not on the service? Because people are still willing to PAY for the games. Sony has already admitted they lost millions putting Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank on PS+ Extra.

"larger companies are fine on a subscription model" Oh really? So why is all the cod games yet to be on it? Where is elden ring? Resident Evil 4 Remake? Street Fighter 6? Boulders Gate 3? Alan Wake 2? Where are they of gamepass is great and big publishers are fine putting newer games on it?

I'll tell you where they are. They are currently still selling for their respected publisher's. You know actually making them money. That money they can use to fund the next project.

who wouldn't want to just pay for a subscription instead of $70 per game?

I'm one of the millions who much rather pay $70 so fully support the publisher. Why do we do this? Well for starters I rather just pay for it rather than keep renting it each month. If we all just kept renting years ago blockbuster would still be around. Secondly, I rather we have AAA titles in 10 years time to enjoy. Rather than play mobile quality crap from a subscription.

Tell me how this is a good thing for gaming going forward. The last time I subbed to Gamepass was October 2023. During that one month subscription I played the newly released Starfield, Forza and a few other titles. All for the cost of about $7. Since then Microsoft have not released anything I want to try out or put anything on GP I want to try. So they last made $7 from me 8 months ago.

In the last 3 months. I have bought Sea of Thieves on PS5 (earning MS more money on that than my 1 month subscription to gamepass). Resident Evil 4 for £20 and Diablo 4 for £25 (again earning MS more buying this than buying a sub). Tell me how it's best for gaming I pay $7 and play the latest and greatest for a month. Rather than just buying what I want even if it means waiting a few months and getting it cheaper than full price yet earning the publisher more than renting said games of a monthly sub.

Hofstaderman43m ago

Sony has never released new titles day one. They experimented with Forbidden West which was fairly new and quickly discovered that it cannabalized sales. XBOX gamepass was always an act of desperation to remain relevant and in their desperation they effectively dug their grave where today everybody is biding their time for their formerly exclusive titles. In a nutshell GamePass made XBOX not relevant.

lellkay0m ago

Literally dev who put game on gamepass:
It's not good

TheProfessional: but but sony but sony

Skuletor2h ago

I feel no sympathy for the guy, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that putting your game on gamepass would affect sales.

dveio23m ago(Edited 21m ago)

The 'day-one' feature is the breaker or maker with GP, business-wise.

GP is no Netflix.

Because, from all the Marvel's Avengers to Sicarios, illustratively speaking, they all had their box office money. Before they had entered Netflix.

This concept shows you what Microsoft have actually put themselves into.

And what situation studios put themselves into if they go day-one into GP.

truthBombs22m ago

Why not sell your game the traditional way first? Then after about 6 months to a year put it on a sub service.

Day one on gamepass is a gamble. It works for some (Pal world) and not for others.

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Istanbul based developer teases new game based on Turkish mythology

Shadowfall Studios have announced via X.com the studio is now an official PlayStation partner.

darksky1d ago


Looks like a Skyrim clone. Very interesting if done well.

1d ago Replies(3)
Terry_B23h ago

Is there even one good game created in the Turkey so far?

PitbullMonster23h ago

Metin 1&2 and the Mount and Blade Series are the most known ones.

Michiel198923h ago

Metin ....how dare you name that in the same sentence with the word "good"

Cacabunga20h ago

Crytek says hi.. learn before posting

Zeke6819h ago

"Crytek was founded by the Turkish-German brothers Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli in September 1999 in Coburg, Germany."

So he's right, Crysis games are not made IN Turkey... ;)

Terry_B15h ago

Just as Zeke mentioned..Crytek is a German developer, created by a turkish guy who lives there, was probably born there.

What I meant are games completely made in the country

MrNinosan12h ago

3 turkish guys, not 1.

ghostliving10h ago

-Mount & Blade: Warband
-Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
-Anomaly Agent
-Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
-Cardboard Town

S2Killinit15h ago

What is turkish mythology? They don't have a mythology of their own. Unless we are going to rewrite history? Can someone fill us in on what mythology turkey has.