Sony unveils Shoot! Short Films on PS3 and PSP writes: "Sony announced a new initiative called Shoot!. Shoot! will deliver series of short films that will be free to download from 13th November via PlayStation Network for PS3 or PSP, allowing you to watch cutting-edge film from up-and-coming directors and experience this unique content. The films will also be screened across Europe on ShortsTV from January 2009.

Sony got six of Hollywood's award winning filmmakers Armendariz, Bruckheimer, Kounen, Rothermund, Vinterberg, Winterbottom to work with emerging film directors from their own country for Shoot!.
The emerging directors created a short film, shot in High Definition, based on an open brief, shaped only by one of a number of words that capture the essence of PlayStation: Play, Create, Share, Connect, Discover and Challenge."

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green4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Who says competition ain't good?
Microsoft moves
Sony hits back with this.

@Sony rep: I don't care about which one is better.When it comes to xbox live i don't think i will even watch them but all i am pointing out is how we the consumers benefit from the competition.

Sony Rep4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

This is better...

Indie films are some of the best films out there. They aren't sucked up in Hollywood bs. They make films because it's a passion, not because they can make money off of an existing ip.

HemDroid4035d ago

Wot No Games !!!


PimpHandHappy4035d ago

but i really like the idea

i will check them out a movie freak

Johnny Rotten4035d ago

It seems like Sony really has an artistic side to them, just check out the commercials, support of the Demo Scene and now this. Keep it up!