Take-Two CEO Says They’re Excited For Stadia And Will Support It

CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke about Google’s streaming service, and he seems pretty into the whole idea behind Stadia. He confirmed that the company would support it, and that he found the idea of being able to stream and log in from any device an exciting prospect.

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Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

They'll support that yet Red Dead Redemption I and II still haven't found their way to PC yet, which has a guaranteed huge market instead of Stadia's "hype".

tar_tar074d ago

20$ they re-release GTA 5 for they 18th time.

Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

GTA V, GTA San Andreas, and Bully I can see being their first three releases since they've gotten the most releases so far out of Rockstar's lineup.

MajorLazer4d ago

I expect RDR2 to come to PC sometime later this year. If not, then eventually

Sgt_Slaughter4d ago

I figured they would have learned their lesson from not releasing the first one and make it a simultaneous release on PC/PS4/Xbox One, but I was wrong. I have little faith now about the platform receiving it, even though I think it should be a no-brainer idea.