The Analog Circle Podcast: What Format Do You Prefer:State Of Play Or Inside Xbox?

In this weeks episode Kiaun will discuss a possible release date for Gears 5,Bioshock 4 could be released in 2020,could Deep Silver be releasing a new Saints Row game very soon,its a possibility that the new Avengers game being developed by Crystal Dynamics could release in 2020. These stories and more in episode 100 of The Analog Circle Podcast.

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Hardiman985d ago

Formats and shows are great but what matters to me is what software is coming to a particular console.

Like if I only got to see games like Wild Hunt, HZD, Spider-Man, GOW, Days Gone, Sekiro etc in articles and short gameplay trailers but I knew they were coming, I'd be fine.

As long as I can learn just enough to know if it interests me and that it'll be available Im good!