Loot-Ninja Review: Maze Finger (iPhone/iPod touch)

Loot Ninja writes: "Continuing my obsession with mobile gaming, I decided to give another game from developer/publisher ngmoco a play through. Maze Finger is a free download from the App Store, so there is no risk at all in giving it a try, right? When I think of free games, they are usually deserving of their title. These games usually include advertisements to annoy you so much that you want to pay for the game or the game is so basic that it isn't even worth your time. None of these things apply to Maze Finger."

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Odie4027d ago

I tried it, thought it was fun. They are nice and quick games to play when you have a few moments of boredom.

dubbalubagis4027d ago

Yes, each maze is short but the fun comes when you get deep into the game. The mazes get extremely difficult. Just the other night I ended up playing this "quick game" for an hour straight!