Ubisoft "Very Happy" With The Strength of its AAA Games Lineup This Year; Explains Strategy and More

Ubisoft Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot6 Chief Financial Officer Frederick Du guet talked about the publisher's plans for the future.

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jbull4d ago

I'm curious to know what they are as they announced 3 AAA games to be released before March 2020 and that excludes GR Breakpoint. Guessing possibly Far Cry, Watch Dog and maybe a For Honor sequel. Can't see Ubisoft doing a Splinter Cell soon as its single player focus doesn't fit into its Live service, micro-transactions business model.


Splinter Cell is, however, a highly requested title by the fan base, and I think it was the CEO, or someone high up that said their favorite title in all of their games is Splinter Cell. But the timing just hasn't been right to do another one yet... while almost letting it slip that they're in the works of making a new one. So, you never know. Obviously E3 will tell us more.