Is There Too Much Borderlands Drama

Drama involving Borderlands 3 DLC and voice acting keeps swirling about. Could this damage the game? Or will it only hurt Gearbox's reputation?

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Blu3_Berry7d ago

I mean, you didn't see the negative backlash about Alien Colonial Marines hurting Gearbox's reputation or Randy's Pitchford (which is quite sad). He literally lied to everybody's face about that game. What we got and what was show off was literally night and day. I honestly don't understand how they didn't get sued or shut down.

Wolffenblitz7d ago

Look at Randy's twitter. He goes absolutely nuts whenever someone calls him a liar, and that's because he IS one. Selling out to Epic games store... assault allegations.. he's liar ect ect..

He's just an all around POS

Christopher7d ago

I like how you call him a liar and then put the one thing he hasn't lied about, Epic Store exclusivity, first. Real telling about what people are really upset about here.

Ricegum7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


Plus I find it funny how people will happily call him a "POS" online, if they saw him on the street they certainly wouldn't. They just eat up all the stuff they hear about him and treat it as fact. Like, remember when he was accused of being a pedophile?

TheColbertinator7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

All we want is Borderlands 3 yet for some reason the heads at Gearbox seem to be burning their own bridges on promoting the game. Maybe they should just shut up because clearly they have nothing important to say.

quent7d ago

Nope, just too much Randy Drama

BuildTheWall7d ago

I've had Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Edition preordered since it was announced & hell no there's not too much drama , EVERYONE LOVES SEEING RANDY CRY!!!

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