Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Details: What Sharp-Eyed Fans Have Found in the Trailer

The first new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake in four years was released last week during a PlayStation State of Play livestream. While the footage is just a minute long in length, fans are already performing second-by-second autopsies to glean any new information they can. Specifically, with how combat is going to work in the remake.

Babadook75d ago

“These theories have given some fans confidence that combat in Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn't purely action oriented as theorized. It seemed that the worst-case scenario for some fans was that Final Fantasy 7 Remake's combat would be too like Final Fantasy 15, the most recent Final Fantasy game, or Kingdom Hearts 3 which Nomura directed last. Instead, fans seem to have discovered a pretty neat connection to the original Final Fantasy 7.“

Sounds good to me.

Z5015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Final Fantasy 15 has 2 combat modes. People seem to never mention this when talking about it's combat.

ShinnokDrako4d ago

Is there still hope then? And no, not Hope from FFXIII :P