Days Gone PS4 review: A victim of the PlayStation 4's very high standards? - Express

Days Gone is a brand new open world zombie game from the makers of Syphon Filter.

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Platformgamer7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

pratically yes.
idiots rated it so low just because it's not god of war or horizon zero dawn... yes, it's not on the same league as them, but days gone is a good game still.

SyntheticForm7d ago

I'd say that's partially it, yes.

I understand some of the criticism - the whole end game was ruined for me because of audio and syncing, but I also think that many critics were way too hard on this game. The reasoning behind their criticism was utterly nonsensical and I think it was downright insane at times, while others gave fair criticism.

That said, the 'Sony standard' certainly played a role in the reactions of players and critics in my opinion.

Hardiman7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I've played just about all Sony's exclusives and DG fits right in with me. Everyone I've recommended it to has loved it. I got it for my brother for his bday and he loves it.

I've ran into one bug while playing multiple hours each day since release and that was a guy with no body oh and during one cutscene the audio was delayed.

At the end of the day, choice is great and not everyone will enjoy every game. I look forward to the sequel!

AK917d ago

No it’s more of the victim of SJW game journalists and their irrational hatred for straight white males (despite a lot of them BEING straight whit males). Thankfully games journalism is on its way out otherwise Days gone wouldn’t be selling units like it has.

Nephesh7d ago

Thank God I didn’t listen to all the reviewers for too long because I would’ve missed this fantastic game! I am never going to look at reviewer’s in the same light.again! Love Days Gone!

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