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Have id and Avalanche teamed up to create something great? Or will Rage 2 make you want to rage quit?

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KaiPow7d ago

Sounds like the perfect game to just turn my brain off and blast some Andrew WK.

Jackhass7d ago

Haha...AWK would be the perfect accompaniment.

SolidGear37d ago

We want to have fun and we want to get wasted! 😁

brokasfawk7d ago

It is a fun game to just get into and start causing chaos and blow the goons to bloody pieces
It starts off a little slow with tutorials but the guns and vehicle combat are awesome

Alexious7d ago

I honestly liked vehicle combat more in Mad Max. On-foot combat, though, is top-notch.

Jackhass7d ago

The vehicle combat can be a touch annoying at times, but I enjoyed the straight-up racing a lot.

TGG_overlord7d ago

Andrew WK is a game seller alone imo.

Chris_Wray7d ago

Certainly seems like an easy enough game to jump into, better than the first one by the looks of it!
Plus it has the Danny Dyer voiceover.

tree_fiddy6d ago

I think it's a lot of fun. Could it be better? Sure. Does it live up to Rage's graphical standards in terms of art style? No, but it's still a cool game and imho still better than the first game.