Dreams earns a 10 in the new issue of OPM UK

Media Molecule: "Dreams earns a 10 in the new issue of OPM UK! We’re not crying, you’re crying."

SolidGamerX5d ago

Dreams looks really cool and not to take anything away form it but I wasn't aware scores were given to early access stuff.

KillZallthebeast5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Gaming journalism really doesn't have much structure anymore...or standards sadly. It's not surprising to get reviews early on like this.

Edit: Also not detracting anything from the game just a general statement on the overall state of it all.

KillZallthebeast4d ago

If there was any sort of structure or standard it wouldnt be told through disagrees. You proved my point

InMyOpinion5d ago

If they could only add an option to control the game without motion controls that would be great.

InMyOpinion5d ago

So I heard but I'd like it now! :D

Cool name btw, Kiss ftw!

Vanfernal4d ago

Well... According to EA Anthem is still "early access". XD

tochi5d ago

2019 is only halfway in, but it already seems like another year of Playstation exclusives.
An ambitious project like this one needed a critical success, because no one can tell what the game is about.

jznrpg5d ago

It’s a toolset to make whatever you want

Inzo5d ago

Your imagination will tell you what its about.

Thunder_G0d_Bane5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

No the best games this year will be third party games. And possibly including Nintendo's Mario maker 2/Pokemon.

Ristul5d ago

Keep telling yourself that bud, if it makes you feel better 😏

NarutoFox5d ago

Wow another PS4 exclusive on the way. Sony keeps releasing games unlike one of the competitors.

King_Noctis5d ago

I may be wrong, but isn’t Crackdown 3 just got released not too long ago?

Blade925d ago

We don't talk about that huge disappointment of a game.

Dark_Knightmare25d ago

Does anybody really want to talk about that massive disappointment

Realms4d ago

Brah Crackdown 3 was hyped to no end by MS fanboys only to be a massive disappointment, it came and went and nobody cared to even mention how bad it was that's just sad.

Thundercat774d ago

He is referring to good exclusive games being released. I don't think crackdown 3 falls into that category.

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StrengthInNumbers5d ago

this topic is about Dreams earning its first 10/10. Pot Stirrer.

TGGJustin5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Wow they didn't even give a 10 to God of War, Spider-Man, or Horizon.

roadkillers4d ago

When does this game come out? I keep thinking its out because of reviews and recent attention with MGS and such.

TGGJustin4d ago

You can already buy it now on the PlayStation Store for $30 for the Early Access. No word on when the full game will launch. But the price might go up so if you are interested I'd get it now.

dillydadally5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

That's really awesome, but why are they reviewing a game in limited early access? It hasn't even officially released yet and there's still tons of work to be done on the game. VR and multiplayer aren't even in the game yet. It seems okay because they gave it a 10, but what if they gave it a 5 while still in limited early access? Would that be okay?

Shane Kim5d ago

Exactly. Review it when it's in its final form.

Thundercat774d ago

I read your comment and the first thing that came to mind was Freeza from Dragon Ball.

mixelon5d ago

Though I agree they should also review it when it’s finished...

It’s not like it’s going to get any worse before full launch. The amount of user created content will probably be 10x what it is now. 😂 So, I think it’s deserved if this is really the score they want to give it.

SamPao5d ago

I mean they can give scores for whatever they want. I guess they will do another one when it has the full release.

kneon5d ago

If it had been only a 5, or really anything less than a 10, then it would have been unfair to give it any kind of a score before it was finished. While it's certainly unusual to give a score to an unfinished game, in this case, I think it's ok.

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