AusGamers Review: Gears of War 2

AusGamers writes: "Cliff Bleszinski and the Gears of War series are among [the more rabid] PlayStation fanboys' most loved things to hate. The game has copped a serious shellacking from angry Sony allegiances, and not at all rightly so. Having not only played through the whole game, but also given the privilege of meeting Mr Bleszinksi, I can tell you I not only get Gears of War, but respect what it is he and his team at Epic have set out to do - create an epically fun game that feels like an interactive summer Blockbuster."

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HemDroid4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

At a Genuine Grade A
AAA Game
Game of the Year

Poor HemDroids

Pennywise4026d ago

Since you have been sleeping all year, I should let you know we have had quite a few of them this year. I am glad you finally got one... GRATS!

Nicolator4026d ago

This is such a good time to be an xbox360 owner.. all smiles.. what a good christmas this will be