Game Of Thrones’ Night King Would Be Perfect For Mortal Kombat 11

Fans of the popular TV series have been wondering if the series titular Night King shouldn’t be added as a DLC character to the critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat 11.

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-Foxtrot131d ago

Pffft he died like a bitch

blacktiger130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

worse than bitch, because bitch would have a purpose that's why we labeled her bitch, but here knight king, we are all clueless

AnthonyDavis130d ago

Haha you anal fans are being too nitpicky. Killing two dragons and most of Westeros means nothing and no purpose. Trying to get to Brandt for his all knowing power..

And the thing is the Night King would have made up moves, we didn’t seen him use many moves.

King_Noctis130d ago

I feel like if HBO didn’t rush to end the season and whole series with just 6 episodes, we would see a more meaningful death as well as more scenes from the Walkers.

-Foxtrot130d ago

Funny thing HBO offered D&D 10 episodes but the writers decided they could do it in 7 and 6 episodes

They rushed to move onto new things

PurpHerbison130d ago

Lol, even though Foxtrot knew exactly what you meant he still has to 1up you.

outsider1624130d ago

The Mountain died longer than him. I say put The Mountain in Mk.
Besides how do you kill the Night King? You would need Dragon glass and that takes one stab. Lol

lociefer130d ago

They should probably put arya, she killed him, the freys, beat the tall chick in a fight, became a demi god after she went blind, has the thickest plot armor, probably gonna kill danny too. They should just rename the series to Arya of thrones or just Arya. Also she will probably murder everyone in mk as she is above the elder gods

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Flynn_Ryder_897131d ago

Yeah, after what they did to him, no thanks.

Spurg131d ago

Ermm...I don't think he knows how to fight

DillyDilly130d ago

Why carry that sword with him otherwise ?

Nitrowolf2130d ago

Tbf I think he fought literally only once in the show, and even still that was at range.i don’t think he really ever used his sword other than to take it out and just stand there

DillyDilly130d ago

@Nitrowolf2 I will just add it to the shitty writing list of Dumb & Dumber

DarXyde130d ago

He's strong enough to toss a javelin barehanded at a dragon and take it down.

Does he really need to know how to fight if he can overwhelm with brute force?

gangsta_red131d ago

Just use Scorpion, teleport to the back of him and instant Fatality.

Chaosdreams131d ago

What's the fatality? Arya appearing out of thin air and stabbing him before he does anything?

blacktiger130d ago

before? he never did anything except that three times he threw spear

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The story is too old to be commented.