Control's Expansion Packs Won't Be PlayStation 4 Exclusive for Very Long, Says Remedy

Remedy's PR Thomas Puha said that the expansion packs for Control won't remain exclusive to PlayStation 4 for 'very long'.

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KaiPow7d ago

Oh, I didn't actually know that Control was going to have expansions.

lelo2play7d ago

Oh Remedy! Don't you know that exclusive content (and exclusive stores) is always bad PR?

Well, I'll probably get the complete PC version of Control when on sale... if it's any good. No rush now.

Kribwalker7d ago

Yeah, i’ll probably wait for the eventual gamepass release on this one

NarutoFox7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

So it'll be on gamepass like in a year after release right? Guess I'll also pick it up on gamepass for PC. But if it gets *good* reviews I won't wait and just pick it up on Playstation day one with the time exclusive expansion packs.

gamer78047d ago

agreed, its story and setting has me a bit worried, going to wait and see how this goes. I really hope one day they take another stab at Alan wake, it was by far my favorite of all their games.

Kashima7d ago

Exclusive contents always bad, only fanboys get boner about it

vega2757d ago

That's good to know. Still getting the xbox version.

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The story is too old to be commented.