How would you split Final Fantasy 7 remake into multiple parts?

Last week Square Enix reiterated once again that despite the long radio silence Final Fantasy 7 Remake will still release as multiple games.

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Ziege_UK9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I'd make it bloody turn-based, I know that much!

Horseygamer9d ago

wont work in today's game play but an option might be ok

SegaGamer9d ago

"Won't work in today's game play"

What does that even mean? Are you saying turn-based games don't work anymore? because that is complete nonsense if true. My two favourite RPG's this gen are turn-based. Dragon Quest 11 and Persona 5.

Exvalos9d ago

You want a turn based ff7 it's already available, we on the other hand want new hotness

BinaryMind9d ago

Who is "we"? Because you certainly don't speak for a lot of fans.

Juusterey8d ago

He speaks for plenty
He speaks for the people who have spent the last 4 years being interested instead of whining

sprinterboy9d ago

It's never been my cup of tea the final fantasy series and I understand they have millions of fans but shouldn't they just move on now from final fantasy?

VTKC9d ago

well it would be on multiple discs, the parts where it would require the next disc would be close as possible if not exact point as in the original. It may not be possible since everything is so enhanced compared to 1997. Yes the capacity of the disc is increased along with technology but whether the same amount of the game fits on the disc accordingly is unknown at this point.
However many discs this will take. It will be sold TOGETHER. Yes just like the original. There will not be an option to buy the discs separately. Even the case for the game is made like the original with a manual in colour detailing the game mechanics. and finally a message from the creators as a thank you to the long time fans and their patience in waiting for this project.

spambot08159d ago

3 parts, jenova birth, jenova life, endgame. sidequests for every part.

RosweeSon9d ago

By disc would be the obvious choice surely.

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The story is too old to be commented.