2009: The PS3 games to look out for

Talk writes:"Anyway, was 2008 the year of PS3? No. Will 2009 be the year of PS3? Possibly. The following games are the ones to look out for and could make Sony leader of 2009."

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HighDefinition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Killzone2,MAG,WKC,INfamous,FF1 3,GOW3,GT5, Heavy Rain,Uncharted2 and Much MUCH more.

That`s almost a BLOCKBUSTER every month.


4032d ago
HighDefinition4032d ago

Even if you have Gears in your console, that`s impressive.

you FAIL.

La Chance4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Thats impressive but lets hope 2009 doesnt end up like 2008.

I mean which game are going to disapear from the 2009 list...

This year The Getaway , FF13 , 8 days , GT5 , WKC , Infamous , GT5 and KZ2 disappeared from the 2008 lineup.

I hope for you guys 2009 wont be the same as this year.

HighDefinition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

To tell you the TRUTH, I hope they delay some of them, I`m not gonna be able to play all those BIG titles in a year.

BTW, 2008 was STELLAR w/o all those games, what does that tell you?

La Chance4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

That tells me you're not very demanding or youve been playing alot of the excellent quality multiplat games that came out this year.

Come on just admit it.Except for MGS 4 what was so crazy on the PS3 this year ?

HighDefinition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I like playing games I enjoy, that is all

Besides MGS4........LBP. I would rather have a PS3 and LBP beta, then 90% of games out there.


Aren`t you a HARDCORE Christian?

Isn`t against GOD to be such a Prick?


joydestroy4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Killzone 2, Infamous, Twisted Metal, God of War 3, Wardevil, and Uncharted 2 FTW!!!!!!

i don't know much about the others.

La Chance4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Im a faithful christian and proud of it.

"Aren`t you a HARDCORE Christian?

Isn`t against GOD to be such a Prick?


euh...I'll give you a laugh just to be polite - ahahaha - and like I said, somebody who's happy with a PS3 and a LBP BETA ONLY rather than having all the great games out there isnt very demanding.

BTW you didnt answer my question , except fro MGS4 what was so wonderful on the PS3 this year ?

edit: @high defintion : lol , were talking about video games why are you so eager to talk about Christianity ?

Its more than off topic so If you want to talk PM me , no problem , I'll be happy to talk with you, really.

HighDefinition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

LBP, R2, MStorm2, Bioshock, Rockband2, Farcry2, MGS4, Socom, WKC(In JP) GT5P, RC:Q4B, PJE, The Warhawk expansions.....I could go on for hrs. You lose get over it. Your point has no point.

Your right, I edited it.


I edited it, I`m done. And NO PMs please I try to filter out as much JUNK as I can.

Cenobia4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

@High Definition

Thanks, but yeah I agree. The PS3 has had a very successful year in my opinion. They definitley delivered on games, and with Home around the corner I'm not disappointed in Sony at all. They give me the games I want (more than I can afford) and that's all I care about.

bunbun7774032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Since Im always interested in what everyone else has to say, will Omega or someone please inform this ignorant Ps3 owner (me)what 360 has lined up in '09? Id like to compare a bit- feel free to throw in some tentatives. Thanx!

No Way4032d ago

You will know soon enough what the 360 will have for 09. I don't know if you noticed, but MicroSoft doesn't tell what they will have until it's the next year, or at least very close to it.

iHEARTboobs4032d ago

Troll much?

Anyhow, lots of big titles coming out next year. That's not even counting the multi-plats.

Socom4032d ago

WipeOut HD
Motorstorm 2
Fat princess
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet

Thats the best line up ever seen. All these ridiculous articles are uber fail.

360 isnt even selling beyond its original install base, ie. 25 million.
PS3 has already sold 17 million and there is still 140 million PS2 owners itching to play beyond.

I think we all know who will win this war. Its ridiculous how we have to sit here and listen to this kind of trash and let the 360 fanboys talk trash all day long.

No Way4032d ago

Uhm.. Well, I think it's ridicolous that we have to sit here and listen to you spouting about which console you want to win.. It's a little sad that you want one console to.. win, don't you think?

calis4032d ago

"Come on just admit it.Except for MGS 4 what was so crazy on the PS3 this year ?"

Even if there was just one (and Little Big Planet lived up to it's hype, so there is two) it is still one more than the 360 had.

FCC4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Lol... It's not like PS3 fanboys don't troll in 360 articles.
It's not like 3/4 of those fanboys get flamed or anything...

Proof is in the pudding. :\ sorry.

pixelsword4032d ago

...getting right back on to Resistance 2.

2008 was supposed to be the year of the PS3, I don't fully agree; it is the year the PS3 got it's true first blockbuster games starting with Uncharted (if you count the business year). 2009 will be (my personal opinion, as opposed to fact) the year will be favorable for the PS3. IF, and only IF Microsoft's unrevealed games are up to par with the level of quality we've been seeing with Alan Wake, then I'm confident that the 360 could last 10 years along with Sony; if they (both) keep pushing really hard to the end.

Lifendz4032d ago

Killzone 2 no matter what. Uncharted 2 as well.

In famous depending on the reviews. Heavenly Rain might be a rental.

BattleAxe4032d ago

Looks like LaChance got a little bored with the lack of Xbox 360 games comming out so he decided to come and see what he's missing out on.

Xbox has one good exclusive game comming out in '09 and thats Splintercell, but we don't even know if its going to be good yet amd maybe Alan Wake will arrive in '09, but same thing, might be good, might not.

Why are you fighting the power?

Horny4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

agree with LaChance he made a good point. At last 40% of this will get pushed back, one or two maybe even canceled.

But to the question La Chance asked: "Come on just admit it.Except for MGS 4 what was so crazy on the PS3 this year ?"
GT5P- first game i was excited about, its pretty good, beautiful game, doing its job in holding me over till 5 comes.
Metal Gear Solid 4 - was awesome as you already stated, amazing game, one of the best, GOTY imo.
LBP- no arguing there, u might not be interested hearing about it but once you play it your hooked.
MotorStorm2- great arcade racer and fun multiplayer game if u got friends over.
Socom Confrontation - Replaced COD4, Halo3, Battlefield BC, as my fav online game, issues are fixed and the game is superb.
Resistance 2 - Another all around fantastic game, one of the best multiplayer.

Maybe if you guys wouldnt be so damn defensive and answer questions he wouldnt come of to u as a troll.

prowiew4032d ago

I cant wait for jak and god of war. Those are the games im really looking forward. Lets see if in 2009 I use my ps3 more. Cause 2008 was the dust machine. Looking forward for 2009!

Beast_Master4031d ago

Games for my list that are multi-plat but still worth a look. PS3 I gonna get Infamous, KZ2 and GoW3, maybe even Quantum Theory.

But what about these titles?

Dark Void
I am Alive
Assasin's creed 2 (rumored)


360's tentative list (I am not a 360 fanboy but this is what I would guess)?

Halo 3 Recon
Halo Wars
Alan Wake
One more Square game
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Maybe (Not sure if MS has that studio anymore) Forza 3
A game or 2 from Rare (Viva Pinata 3) lol

xwabbit4031d ago

Fcc is such a fan boy omg. DOOD GET ALL SYSTEMS PLZ!! ITS freaking games people stop the console wars its dumb. Just learn to play and ignore any one who comes with crap to you.

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HemDroid4032d ago

But i cant see anything worth a Damm on the Horizon !!!!

4032d ago
La Chance4032d ago

PS3 games to look out for ?

Bah ! who cares , they'll all be disappointing like the much hyped Resistance 2 or flop badly like LBP.

Anyway half of them will end on 360.

HighDefinition4032d ago

You know 90% of them are 1st party right? Sony doesn`t lose 1st parties, that`s MSs speciality.

La Chance4032d ago

Yeah thats why I said most of them are going to be disappointing.

Sony Rep4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

LOL. I would say that too, if the only good game the X-Flop had for the next 4 or 5 years was Gears of War 2!

I guess we all can't have flagship titles that score a whole bunch of 8's and 7's. /sarcasm

HighDefinition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )


2008 was pretty disappointing.


Disappointing is PAYING for XBL year after year and having your system MALFUNCTION, not playing the GREAT games I have this year and last.

Pennywise4032d ago

Well, I think it is fair to say that not only are PS3 users older and more mature... They also have a higher I.Q.

La Chance(filthy troll), R2 is anything but a disappointment and
LBP is not even in everyones hands yet. I know people still waiting for the stores to get it.

I think you will be surprised at LBP numbers. You are so quick to forget it had a botched release with a recall. Its Obvious Sony does not care about selling all copies day one on the same day. The sales will be spread out and this game has long sexy legs.

4032d ago
ultimolu4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Then you aren't looking hard enough.
And LaChance, obvious *you* cared because you came here to comment!

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jaffa_cake4032d ago

looks like 09 gonna be more expensive then 08 best start saving now

DrakenSilverwing4032d ago

Ya got that right!.. except these last few weeks and this month... i've been nearly goin broke!.. well i can't wait for many/most of those games next year..

Current PS3 collection (64 games!)(see profile)
All i need is more time!!!

jams_shop4032d ago

How can we save any thing when they are killing our wallets now. I'm about to refinance my apartment so that I can pay some bills and buy some more games. lol

mercyless94032d ago

i can play heavenly sword 2 , max payne and the getaway next year but i know that's not gonna happen (fingers crosssed). sorry guyz, but im greedy

Omega44032d ago

So i guess everyone has moved onto 2009 now that 2008 isnt the year of the PS3

I dont see FFvsXIII, GT5 or God of War 3 coming out in 09 i really dont. The PS3 is known for delays and no gameplay has been shown for these games so expect 2010 at the earliest

As for Killzone 2 im doubtful this game will be as successful as most people hope, if R2 a game which featured HUGE multiplayer features and looked a lot more innovative than K2 got scores in the 8s and low 9s what chance does K2 have

cellypower4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

you sound like a hater! If don't like a ps3 or its games why comment?So your saying that killzone 2 won't be successful?

HighDefinition4032d ago

Come out in a faster succession than Bioshock,Halo and Mass Effect did. And 2007 was SUPPOSEDLY the 360s year, even though it got OUTSOLD. :)

Mr_Bun4032d ago

The professional troll! You must not like your bubbles if you are constantly trolling the PS3 threads.

ShinnokDrako4032d ago

"As for Killzone 2 im doubtful this game will be as successful as most people hope, if R2 a game which featured HUGE multiplayer features and looked a lot more innovative than K2 got scores in the 8s and low 9s what chance does K2 have"

Oh pls... don't talk about things you don't know... really, i hate xbox fanboys, there's nothing worse... why you like so much throwing mud on EVERYTHING about Sony or PS3? You and your friend knightwhatever... If you hate it so much, why you post these comments or so? Really, i don't understand. There are other sections

La Chance4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

- record breaking losses.

- vanishing 2008 lineup (check post 1.5)

- being outsold in Japan (JAPAN!!!) and USA (since price drop)

- Lost exclusivity of one the biggest games ever FF13.

- Lost Tekken 6 - L.A Noire is on its way , just wait and see.

- Mutiplats still look better on 360.

- 2 of its biggest games this year are going to ba a half flop (LBP) or chainsawed by Gears 2 (Resistance)

joydestroy4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

how was '08 not a great year for the PS3? seriously?
not only did sales pick up but great games like LBP and Resistance 2 got released, as well as Motorstorm 2. there's 3 games right there! i'll only be picking up Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead on my 360. MAYBE GeoW2, and i might pick up Socom for the PS3. that's a tie in my book. great year for both consoles!

@ La Chance:
what are you talking about?
Burnout Paradise and Dead Space are just two games off the top of my head that are multiplats that look better on the PS3. LBP and Resistance 2 are both AAA titles. and i'm glad titles like Killzone 2 and Infamous were pushed into '09. they will be better for it. there's plenty coming out this year for gamers to choose from as it is.

butterfinger4032d ago

We haven't seen gameplay from GT5? Really? lol. That's funny when everyone hating on the PS3 (like you) basically called GT5:P a $40 demo.

Poirot94032d ago

Though it bothers me that you appear to specifically look for every opportunity to say negative things about the PS3 and its lineup, I at least like that you tend to use a certain amount of logic in your arguments (rather than spewing random negativity). And I agree with some of your criticisms. Here's my perspective on the 4 games you discussed.

1)GT5: No gameplay? Are you serious? There's an entire quasi-demo/half game (GT5:P) out that's sold millions of copies. They have a working game engine. By mid 2009, they'll have had over a year to simply add some content (albeit a good chunk of content), polish the already impressive graphics a tiny bit, and add damage, which will likely take some time, but certainly not enough to delay it to 2010. So I'd say you're wrong about that one.

2)GOW3: Hmm.... This one is tough. On the one hand, you're right that no gameplay has been shown and that's not good. But many sources have hinted to a late 2009 release and, from some of the articles I have read about it, it sounds like there's been a LOT going on behind the scenes with Kratos and co. That being said, it's very possible that it does get delayed. I'd say this game is 50/50 for 2009.

3)FFvs13: I completely agree with you. Anybody who thinks this is coming out in 2009 is completely deluding themselves in my opinion. First, I doubt it's coming out before FF13. Second, FF13 still has to come out in Japan (no release date yet), then be developed for the 360, then be localized for the PS3, then be released in the rest of the world, and THEN FFvs13 will be released. So, yeah, you're right.

4)Killzone 2: You're right and you're wrong about this title, in my opinion. I think the unimaginable hype associated with this game is setting it up for a fall. There are lots of fanboys ranting about "just wait til killzone killzowns teh 360," but I still have reservations about this game. I would like to think that the HUGE budget and LONG develop cycle have caused the developers to focus on the gameplay as much as they have on the graphics, but I'm not convinced yet. To say that it won't score high simply because Resistance, a game with 60 player online, didn't score that high, is not the best reasoning.
In the end, I think Killzone will succeed if it can bring some style and personality to the table. Like or not, both Gears are huge successes not because of graphics (though they helped), and CERTAINLY not because of gameplay (though it's not bad by any stretch), but because they brought a distinctive, captivating style to the table that makes people interested. If Killzone can do that, than I am confident that it's COD4ish gameplay and stellar graphics can take care of the rest. It just needs personality.

Phew. Sorry for ranting there. I just read a lot of the comments and only comment myself rarely, so I had a lot to get off my chest.

My 2 cents.

Anon19744032d ago

In terms of games I think the PS3 had the best year out of all of them. I hadn't bought a 360 game since Halo 3 until Fable 2 came out. I'll buy Gears 2 afterwards, but that's all for 2008. So that's two decent exclusives for the 360. Not quite the impact of the 2007 lineup. The PS3 by contrast had a very solid year of both exclusvies and multiplatform games. It'd say it was pretty even with the PS3 coming out ahead for what they offered gamers. Plus, winning the whole HD format wars thing was a feather in their cap.

Rock Bottom4032d ago

I stooped using bubbles ages ago, that "ignore" thingy is way more effective I tell you.

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RAF-TECH4032d ago

lets be honest.
God of War 3
and Killzone 2

bottom line.
GOTY will go to final fantasy 13

DNAgent4032d ago

Is FF13 being made by Square-Enix still? If so, then it won't be GOTY. Squaresoft made good FF games for consoles but Square-Enix came along and the FF series turned to garbage. People still seem to expect like they can deliver the same quality that was in the good FF games back on the PS1 but the fact is, they can't.

Besides, FF13 won't even be close to GOTY if it comes out in 2009 cause there will be God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, White Knight Chronicles, and many other titles that are much better.

Gue14032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

What happened with God of War 3, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, White Knight Story, Quantum Theory, MAG, Infamous, War Devil, Demon's Souls rumor: Uncharted 2, Team ICO game, new Twisted Metal game? and i'm not even mentioning any multi-plat game here...

what the X360 have? GeoW3? Halo 4?

RAF-TECH4032d ago

tsk tsk.
Before FF13 went multi.
PS3 fanboys said it was gonna be GOTY.
Now that 360 is getting it.. They place white knight infront..

childish behaviour

DNAgent4032d ago

The thing is, it's being downgraded for the 360. Not only that but it's made by Square-Enix, people thought it would be released this year, and now that we have seen much better games (and more gameplay of WKC) then of course it's not going to be GOTY or anywhere close to it. The only people who said it would be GOTY anytime after that were gullible fanboys who thought Square-Enix hasn't lost their quality (but they have).

On another note, i'm sure there will be people posting spoilers to the FF13 ending on a bunch of 360 forums and posting ending videos once they import the Japanese version for the PS3. I mean I just have a feeling that it will happen. I don't know who will do it...Or do I? ;)

Anyways, even judging from the trailers that have been released alone you can already tell that WKC will be much better than FF13 (if you're not a complete fanboy that is).

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