How to prepare for Destiny 2's Season of Opulence and the new Crown of Sorrow raid

From PC Gamer: "The Season of Opulence is comes to Destiny 2 on June 4. Then, in a break from recent DLCs, just six hours later the new Crown of Sorrow raid goes live. Teams trying to win the world's first raid race will embark on a furious sprint to get to power level 715—the recommended level for the raid’s opening encounter (be warned it will climb much higher). Even if you’re not planning a marathon session, there’s still plenty you can do to prepare for the coming power hike. Given that Opulence will also be bringing a new six-player activity, leveling fast should be worth it."

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kayoss7d ago

You prepare by not preparing so that you are prepared to be rejected by a fire team that don’t want to carry you because you don’t have enough “experience” in a raid that was just released only for a few hours. So get prepared to be disappointed.