When is it okay to reveal spoilers about a videogame?

Square Enix Blog: "You may have noticed that the Square Enix Blog has sprung into life over the last few months - we hope you’ve enjoyed the articles so far and continue to check in regularly for new content.

But today, I want to discuss something a little more sensitive than usual: let’s talk spoilers."

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P_Bomb7d ago

Games take longer to finish than movies and they cost significantly more, so not everyone can or should be expected to be all caught up week one or even month one. It depends on the context of the article you’re in and the people you’re talking to.

A couple months is good taste imo. YouTube spoils endings at the speed of light. Worst place to go imo as they feed you vids you might like based on what you’ve watched before. Those vids often have spoilers right in the description pic, whether you click on it or not.