Best Bits: Operation Mi’ihen in Final Fantasy X

One thing that makes FINAL FANTASY X such a distinct game is its tone. While there’s plenty of humor and high adventure to be had, there’s also a thick undercurrent of melancholy.

The specter of Sin hangs over the world of Spira at almost all times - the aquatic monstrosity devastates life, and people rely on summoners like Yuna to earn the power to stop it. And as Yuna and her Guardians are all too aware - that ain’t easy.

All other attempts to stop Sin typically end the same way - death and carnage. Operation Mi’ihen is one such disaster.

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lellkay122d ago

Iconic moment in the game.

MIKE702KA121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

As a kid these fights were hard af cause I basically played blind not knowing half the shit I understand now as an adult lmao! Easy af when you never flee a fight and do like me go healer tidus give kimari auroin and tides haste slow I went hybrid builds making the game easy af giving everyone cure lol