Red Dead Redemption 2 HDR Is Finally Fixed In The New Update

Rockstar Games has released a major Red Dead Redemption 2 update today finally fixing the HDR implementation in the game.

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Jin_Sakai10d ago

Wish it was there day one but this is great to hear regardless.

Now have they fixed the horrible PS4 checkerboard implementation?

iplay1up28d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I get why people like PS4, but the X1X, does run an awful lot of games better than PS4, including Red Dead 2.

Hey Switch has the least power, but I think a lot of games look fantastic on the system. I also think Switch has a really great 1s party line up this year. Looking forward to E3.

generic-user-name8d ago

It would want to considering its price and lack of any other selling point.

Krangs_Uncle10d ago

There was almost no mention of a literally, broken HDR system in this game within reviews... What a joke game 'journalists' are..

You would expect this to be implemented much sooner by such a big studio.

solideagle9d ago

but its not impacting functionality of the game, its not creating bugs. maybe thats the reason it was not reported?

Skyrim/Fallout always get free pass but this time we have many open world games without too many bugs (witcher 3, HZD, spiderman etc). We will see if next entries in these series will get free pass

Krangs_Uncle9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I personally think that HDR is deemed as a 'function' within a game, and within the current climate of technology, with more and more people owning HDR ready TV's, it definitely affects the functionality of the game...

When reviewers are talking about graphics and visual aspects of the game, the lack of/fake HDR is a big issue.

Gwiz8d ago

Digital Foundry reported it,but afterwards.

Realms8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No gamers saw a clear difference with HDR enable and HDR turned off, that is where it was first reported not by reviewers odd how these minor grievances where over looked for RDR2? People had many gripes with the game but many reviewers just brush them off. HRD, shooting mechanics, slow start, slow in game movement, tedious and pointless animations. I like RDR2 but it was far from perfect and reviewers failed to point out most if not any of it's flaws.

gammaray138d ago

there were many bugs in Red Dead 2 that was the main reason i stopped playing the game

slayernz8d ago

ive read numerous reviews of days gone where the writer mentions small silly little things, like a floating person/object or a clipping issue.......these arent functionality impacting either yet numerous reviewers pointed them out and used it in their final scores

yet broken HDR in RDR2 is not pointed out which i think is a way bigger issue than a rock floating 50cm off the ground

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Even if it doesn't affect the seems like something worth mentioning. I've seen other games get blasted for minor problems with Days Gone recently, and none of those graphical issues affected game play.

While I appreciate HDR, I never consider it a necessity. There was a stark difference between HDR on and off in RDR2 on PS4. Maybe the reviewers didn't notice it because they either didn't play it in HDR, or they didn't try it both ways. Game actually looked better with it off. It was just clearer. It wasn't unplayable with HDR on, but certainly noteworthy.

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Neonridr9d ago

HDR isn't something that should even be factored into a review to be honest. Should games lose points because they don't use it then?

Krangs_Uncle9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

They should lose points when they claim to use HDR, but have fooled purchasers by effectively just increasing brightness.

If they did not 'use' HDR, then why was there an option for it?

Neonridr9d ago

@Krangs_Uncle - did you buy RDR2 because it claimed to use HDR? You are going to tell me that you wouldn't have purchased it otherwise?

Krangs_Uncle9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You are losing focus... If a game claims to have HDR (which is a common feature for big budget games), but is broken, the review should take this into account. I'm not sure what is so hard to understand.

To answer your question, yes I did buy it, KNOWING they had HDR issues. Do you know how many people played through countless hours without even knowing? Only to be told to turn HDR off to see the massive visual difference. If more reviews addressed this, it would have helped people out.

If HDR was broken for other big budget games, you can bet you would hear more about it.

Neonridr9d ago

@Krangs - I am not discounting that it was broken, what I am saying is when is HDR now a determining factor in buying a game? Plenty of games don't use HDR, doesn't make them bad games. You are now saying that a game should lose points for using something improperly when it was completely optional and not a pre-requisite to begin with?

UltraNova8d ago

Yes it should be factored in since it got 10/10 marks on visuals and lauded for its graphical quality (key word) to kingdom come, part of said visual prowess was HDR which was offered, broken as it was since day one. Hardly a 10/10 effort there was it?

Neonridr8d ago

@UltraNova - yes, if the review was praising use of HDR in its initial review, then sure, that is a fault on that reviewer. It's not like the game was ugly or anything.. and I am sure this fix only makes it look that much better.

Realms8d ago

Right because if Sony released a game with HDR broken it would get a pass? GTFO you know they wouldn't, this is the kind of bias we are talking about Rockstar got many favorable reviews solely based on the fact that they are Rockstar despite many gamers having gripes with RDR2 not to mention the crap fest that was the online component of RDR2 is not a bad game but it's not perfect either despite the many favorable reviews giving it perfect scores.

chiefJohn1178d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Ignore em Neo they just made Days Gone wasn't so hot in the reviews. @Krang No it shouldn't, RDR2 is probably the best looking game this gen hdr or no it still looks great. So if it's a factor it should be a small one 9.9/10 is that better for you?

You complain about slow animations no it's realistic animations. I don't wanna pick things up instantly by walking over them in this game. You complain about movement speed. Ya riding g a horse isn't gonna be fast as a Lamborghini. This game clearly wasn't meant for you. It for those that want a realistic as possible wild west rpg. I want the same for GTA. Something like Halo or fantasy rpg, no I wouldn't want that.

rainslacker8d ago


I honestly think that a lot of reviewers don't even know the difference with HDR enabled. While it's easy to see most of the time, I think that the vast majority of reviewers don't know how to spot the difference between good HDR implementation, and bad. Unfortunately, sometimes that implementation can have better contrast between colors, it can also cause bluriness in the overall picture if you don't set up the metadata correctly.

With the PS4P version, they didn't set up the meta data correctly, and it baffles while it took this long to fix, since it's easily adapatable from the places they did it right. Just a standard HDR10 metadata file is more than sufficient, because that data is processed more by the TV, than it is the consoles themselves.

SublimeStylee27d ago

Seriously?? If a game is released and advertising hdr as a feature then it should absolutely be reviewed. If the game was released without hdr plans why would that even be a question?

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shaggy23039d ago

Just playing devils advocate here, but perhaps some journalists didn't play the game on a HDR TV, so they wouldn't notice the problem.

Also as has already been mentioned loads of times previously, a lot of people on here didn't even realise there was a problem, I didn't until I read an article showing how bad the HDR was being implemented in RDR2.

Good to hear its been fixed though, just a shame its about six weeks to late for me.

King_Noctis9d ago

Maybe, just maybe, because HDR is not the selling point of the game?

Hardiman8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I get the adage " you cant miss something you don't know" but once you play a game with HDR and it's implemented correctly there's no going back.

Do I play games without HDR? Yes absolutely but do I wish said games had HDR? Yes absolutely!

pinkcrocodile759d ago

Game journalists behave like the mentally defective SJW activists like CNN, VICE and especially BuzzFeed. This is coming from a user who always votes left wing. There is a big difference from voting left and behaving like a terrorist.

Game journalists have been cherry picking facts and lying by omission. That deserved a massive kick in the bollocks as far as I'm concerned

SkatterBrain8d ago

somebody said the reason there wasnt any HDR is because development started 8 years ago

Hardiman8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yeah it was bad enough that I stopped playing it. It just looked foggy and soupy and I couldn't take it. Now that it's fixed I'll go back to it after DG.

I love HDR because it adds so much to games , well games that have it implemented properly like GOW, Uncharted 4, HZD, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Colossus, Days Gone, AC Origins/Odyssey, Wild Hunt and so on.

Once you play a game and see how much better they look you don't want to go back.

Imortus_san8d ago

What about that ridiculous input lag.

chiefJohn1178d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Cause the game looked beautiful without it. And it was an update that messed it up. So the "broken" hdr wasn't there at launch. I personally didn't experience this "broken" hdr I simply read an article showing it.

gangsta_red7d ago

The game also doesn't support 8K, nitro, nuclear power shocks!

Why didn't gaming journalists dock points for that!!!!!?????

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theXtReMe19d ago

Yep. It looks incredible, also. I hesitated getting into the game until yesterday, because I wanted to play it at its best with true HDR. Glad I did, as it makes a huge difference. Makes the lighting and some shiny textures really pop now.

theXtReMe18d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Not sure what you’re playing on, but I’m on the X and it is absolutely fixed. Im not having the color saturation issue the one video reviewer had on his. Which makes me wonder whether or not it isn’t related to certain sets or settings within them. The game HDR mode is much better than Rockstars “Cinematic” mode. I have a Sony 75x940c and Im loving the update.

OneEyedSteve9d ago

What about how blurry it is in the Pro. I use a 1080p without HDR and it looked awful, i left it on the 2nd mission since day 1!

Jin_Sakai9d ago

Have you tried it after the update? I’m not going to purchase the game until it’s fixed on PS4 Pro.

tree_fiddy9d ago

They promised to work on it. They didn't.

josh-eh8d ago

I’m in the same boat. I refuse to play the game with how it looks on PS4 Pro. It is so blurry it’s like someone smeared butter all over the screen or somethings this was suppose to be one of the biggest games this gen and they completely screeed us

chiefJohn1178d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Dang that sucks I'd be pissed if that happened to me. R* better hop on that asap

mkis0078d ago

"Smeared butter"

And thats where I lost it.

anonymousfan8d ago

I was gonna do the same thing until I found a deal for Spiderman and this for 35 $ total... Too good to pass

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chris2359d ago

i‘d love a fix that removes this unnecessary online portion of the game :/

MajorLazer9d ago

Great news, you can skip that portion!

generic-user-name8d ago

Who is forcing you to play online?