Anthem is coming to EA Access and free to play is still on the table

Just a few small nuggets of information from a source within EA.

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demonicale5d ago

I'd play it if it was F2P but not if I have to pay for it lol.

RealOldGamer5d ago

But if it goes F2P, you will have to pay for something. Do you play Warframe? Yes, the game is free, but I find I buy things more often than not because I don't have the patience to wait literally days.

If Anthem goes F2P, I guarantee they will implement a lot of stupid things to penny and dime their playerbase.

And the game is not even good enough to go F2P yet. It is still buggy and lacks content. I took my time and beat all the story and all missions in the game in about 20 hours. It was fun, not great, but fun. After the story was over, the next "missions" are nothing but grind. Get a ton of reputation (would take weeks of playing), complete X Strongholds (boring and I can only bring myself to re-run the same Stronghold 2-3 times per day), etc.

I like the EA Access idea a lot more than the F2P one.

Michiel19895d ago

If they actually make the game good the could go f2p if they made some good cosmetics and sold those for money. That would require them to totally revamp endgame and loot at the least and then to make good looking cosmetics (all they released so far were mediocre at best). I doubt they can make it happen considering the mess they are in currently.

william_cade5d ago

Ouch. Gotta feel for those that paid 60 + usd for this.

Fluttershy774d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Well maybe they can learn a valuable lesson from it

Xavi4K4d ago

I never learned my lesson after getting Fallout 76 based only on the trailer 😑

SlagWolf4d ago

I don’t,
How many years have people warned these clowns that EA is gonna screw them.
A Fool and their money

No Way4d ago

No one is really "warning" the mainstream though. The majority don't get on sites like this.

CorndogBurglar4d ago

@ No Way

Who's fault is that? If people can't be bothered to research something before they drop $60 on it then it's their fault. No matter how you slice it.

Sure, EA are scumbags that implement poor practices. But that doesn't mean it's all their fault that people still buy their games. Hell, if anything, it lends credibility to EA's ways...

RealOldGamer5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I really hope it doesn't happen. F2P comes with a plethora of issues. What else are they going to charge for? Javelins? Crafting? Missions?

EA Access is not a bad idea. Gives the game more players without going the F2P route. Still, if this happens, EA needs to compensate people that bought it for full price.

Where does it say a stat screen is coming soon? It says it is in the works. Could mean now, could mean 1000 days from now.

Edit: Oh I see, he said there will be no news from BioWare this week hours before BioWare said they have no news to share.

Michiel19895d ago

they said a stat screen was coming at launch already, I doubt its in the next 3-4 months. I think the main reason they didn't do a stat screen is because their stats didnt work and the moronic scaling they implemented for certain thing.
Sometimes I would do lets say 100 damage per shot, I reload the map and go in again (same difficulty, same enemy) and all of a sudden I do 73 damage per shot, it was just not working properly and showing that on a stat screen would actually prove that the game doesnt work and cause another outrage among the players.

I just hope BW gets their shit together and make Dragon Age 4 a great game, would be a waste to see Bioware close down.

RealOldGamer5d ago

I don't have high hopes for DA4. I read a Kotaku article that said it was rebooted from a single player game to be Anthem with dragons and GaaS.

Anthem already has dragons (Wyverns), so why they don't just add more dragons to it, I don't know.

Michiel19894d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They also explained after that that anthem with dragons doesnt mean its the anthem gameplay but with dragons. They use the backbone of Anthem to program DA4 so they dont need to relearn programming their game again as was the case with Andromeda, DA: I and Anthem. What they said wasnt about gameplay but more about how what code they use for it. Mark Darrah leads the project if im not mistaken, he also led DA:I so I do have some hope that DA4 will turn out fine.

DA:I was a Gaas as well and no1 had any issues with that, so I don't see why it should be an issue now. I'm not sure what everyone thinks gaas is, its not one type of model it can be so many things. gaas doesnt necisarilly mean its riddled with horse armor mtx, it can just be some content updates over time like DA:I, which I would be fine with, I just hope they dont go the route of destiny and make some parts of the game unplayable with each new content release.

DA4 will not be a forced multiplayer game like Anthem or anything, dont worry about that. Rather worry if the team is still capable to produce a great DA game after the shitshow that was Andromeda and Anthem.
But looking back at DA:I, it would have lent itself to co-op pretty well, all the party members you got over the game were exactly as a player character in terms of power/skills etc (besides 1 or 2 chars who had 1 speccial passive or something). I would support them adding a co-op mode if DA:I is anything to measure that by.

rdgneoz35d ago

They already said new missions and such were free, but javelins weren't on being discussed yet - they sure as hell are gonna charge for new javelins.

Michiel19894d ago

I douubt they will release a new javelin anytime soon, they understand that the game needs a lot of work before they release stuff like that.

Rude-ro5d ago

If it was not worth the asking price, it is not worth $10 a month

meshowz5d ago

Even if it’s F2P I won’t touch this waste of time piece of crap.

RealOldGamer5d ago

I am not sure where all this hate is coming from. The story is not as bad as some make it out to be and the combat is fun for the first 20 hours (which is how long the story lasts).

I would advise you to rent it and see for yourself. You can easily beat it and forget about it, only to buy it again if they pull a No Man's Sky.

Avernus4d ago

It's the outrage culture. Rile the masses up till they're foaming at the mouths, and watch all the sweet money come in from add revenue.

Michiel19894d ago

tbh I thought the story was really bad, there were 2-3 good moments but that was about it, especially for a Bioware game.
I do agree that the game is fun for the first 15-20 hours or so, trying new javelins, figuring out how to move as fast as you can, getting new guns, but once that is over there is just nothing to do in the game.endgame just evolves around doing dungeon A 500 times, or killing 250 of the same enemies and that kind of stuff, there arent that many guns and most of the legendary/mw guns have just a generic booost like: if you are flying add xxx% of damage same as the components (armor basically), once you hit with your E spell your Q spell does 30% more damage or something, really uninspiring design.

I advice you not to rent it and wait untill its either in a better place or when its included with EA acces so that you only pay 5$/month instead of 15/month

Psychotica5d ago

I am surprised it took this long considering it's been available via Origin Access for the PC since day 1. I installed it on day 1 and still haven't played it, just to many other games I would rather play.

Michiel19894d ago

that was origin premier, not acces. acces is 5/month premier is 15/month

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